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There is something appealing about handmade products. Admit it, it is hard not to be amazed by them especially if they are intricately made. Whether it is a simple mobile phone holder that is knitted to perfection, down to baskets and other arts and crafts an individual can find decorating a home, there is something about it that is simply amazing. Perhaps, it is the effort exerted into it that is evident in every corner of the artwork. Granted, handicrafts are not always as polished as the output made by a machine, but the little flaws are what makes the artwork more unique. It maintains its distinct characteristics from those other artworks of the same kind. This is why it is not anymore surprising how still many individuals prefer to get a handicraft to decorate their home. However, nowadays in this digital era, it is not as easy now to find such items. The good thing here at Have-Company, we still keep a variety for you.

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Have-Company is a store that can satisfy your cravings for everything handmade. It is a general store that will give you handmade items from the local artisans. You didn’t miss that, did you? We prioritize here individuals who live locally so that we can boost the growth of the local economy. We are the first to recognize that we have a lot of talented individuals that are homegrown. The only problem is that they lack the opportunity to showcase what they have. They haven’t found their breaks yet that will catapult to success their potentials. As such, that is what we hope to address here. In return, we are able to help those individuals who have a fascination to locally made handcrafted materials. So win-win for everyone.

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Among the products that you can find here at Have-Company include different articles of clothing which embroidery are handmade. We have also here an assortment of knitted items such as sweater, blankets, dresses, centerpieces and more. Kitchen wares? No problem because we got here wood carvers who manage to create your regular spatula from a piece of wood. There are also cabinets and other display materials that are worth the space in your home. What more is that all these do not come at commercial prices. We ensure that to make everything affordable for you. Our artisans do commission jobs too so if you have some designs in mind that you want to make a reality then this is the place for you.

There are instances when our customers prefer to be the one to sell their arts and crafts to others. Here at Have-Company, that is possible too. All you need to do is to sign up to have a reserved booth. We function on a first come, first serve basis so make sure to immediately contact us to reserve a slot. How? Simply send us an email at the contact details located at the Contact Us page. You can also drive out of your garage door in Henderson and sign up here at our store. Start showcasing your talent today here at Have-Company to be well-known in the market.