new podcast episode & sacred textiles by mira blackman

So excited to share with you the newest podcast episode with Oakland clothing designer Mira Blackman, who I have been lucky enough to not only interview but become friends with here in my new home.

Head over to the podcast page to listen to her episode! Also happy to offer five one of a kind exclusive pieces for YOU! Take a look below and grab a piece for yourself, an investment into your thoughtful wardrobe.

shifting west

a new chapter, and some words on it


I'm moving my body & my cat & my subaru filled with what I can fit to Oakland, CA mid October. Below are some ways Have Company will shift over the next few weeks.

+ Have Company as a physical space in Grand Rapids, MI will no longer exist - it will also not exist as a physical space in California (for now) It is my hope to somehow continue the residency program, but as of now there are no concrete plans for what that will look like. 

+ Have Company will continue as an umbrella for my many projects : the podcast, the blog, sharing words, dances, information, and an online shop with zines & medicine my friends make! 

+ We are hosting two more resident artists before we close on October 11 - Shara Crosby from September 21-Oct 3 (an incredible hand poked tattoo artist) and Claire & Asthon of Wax and Wane Fiber for a tiny stay October 15 & 16 

+ Have Company as a physical space will be open all hours of ArtPrize September 21 - October 9 : we will carry our normal selection of zines, tinctures, & yarn - as well as featuring the work of Eliza Fernand & Marianne Granger - Hours will be Mon-Thu 5-8pm + Fri & Sat 12-8 + Sun 12-6 - it would be so great for folks to stop by during this time! 

So if you're headed to the beach stop by on the way, make an appointment to pop in if it's not within the above listed hours (email 

The best way to support this move is to send love, light a candle. continue to support by listening to the podcast or shopping online, and in a few weeks keep an eye out for my Kickstarter for my Personal Practice book (!!!) 

Endless love and gratitude for my life at 136 south division & my friend family in California who have helped make this transition easeful + looking forward to the mystery of what is next 

interpreting cards : moon angel deck

This year I had the opportunity to connect with Rebekah Erev when I taught my How to Not Always Be Working Class at Homestead Apothecary ... our connection was immediate and life shifting and continues to transform me 

Before we met I had been using her Moon Angel Cards and was drawn to their abstract nature & link to the cycle of the moon.  I often find that a deck of cards : whether it be a tarot deck, oracle cards, angel deck, etc - calls to me in different times in my life.  So although I may own a few or have many laying around at any given time, there often seems a time that a deck calls to me and I want to spend time with it.

I have no formal training in 'how to read cards' and after taking Sara Strickler's 'Intuitive Tarot 101' class while she was a Have Company resident I learned I didn't need to - I just had to begin anywhere! I usually draw a card and then interpret it myself : What is my gut feeling? What do I see? What does this remind me of?

Rebekah and I spoke on the phone the other day while I was traveling back to Michigan from California, dreaming of ways to work together both near and far. She reminded me of this beautiful tool she created, which I hadn't picked up in months.  Through so much transition this year maybe I knew they'd bring some truth up I wasn't ready for, but I returned home and saw them on my shelf and knew it was a good time. 

I posed a question : What is next for me in this transitional time and how shall I proceed? I drew the 10 and the 18 card 

With the 10 I read : the whole world is in front of you and it is safe for you to leave and 18 as it might be a clunky rebirth but it will be bright

The deck comes with a beautiful little booklet and the booklet reads

 10) Imagination : The epitome of an Aquarian. Total Freedom, non-linear, untethered by the confines of the mind. Using the mind to spawn underground crystal caves, a place to swim under the surface of the earth that's cold as ice. 

18) Cycles : Day/Night + Death/Rebirth + Fall/Spring/Summer/Winter

Simple enough, pick a deck, pick a card, say what you see, consult deck booklet or book or website to dive deeper if you wish. 

If you are in the east coast : check out Rebekah's classes this weekend! Friday at Catland Books in NYC & Saturday at my fave Philly spot Moon and Arrow 

herbal first aid zine : a review!

our awesome intern sarah wants to tell you about one of our favorite shop zines : HERBAL FIRST AID

hi friends!

are you sick and tired of storebought remedies for when you're feeling sick and tired?  want to get more in touch with our plant friends and learn about how they can help us feel better? want to smell awesome and repel mosquites at the same time?  look no further!

this is a short but very informative little zine that tells us all about what to include in a first aid kit, and how to prepare all sorts of herbal remedies for cuts and scrapes, aches and pains, burns, rashes, sunburns, and icky gut problems.  who knew that candied ginger, one of the yummiest foods known to humankind, can help with tummy aches?  I'm also looking forward to making the herbal eye pillow that will help me with headaches, stress, and insomnia--all hail the power of lavender!

Raleigh Briggs' herbal first aid zine is ten pages of recipes, advice, and how-tos, accompanied by fabulous illustrations by Giovanni Caputo, that will forever change how you care for your body.  and if you want to learn even more about herbalism and herbal healing, there's a list of resources for further research right on the first page! :)



basketball as witchcraft, as a dance

last week i watched a basketball game and now i want to only ever watch basketball games

i've always been sort of "anti sport" - they get paid too much, so much drinking and partying around them, bro culture, all the things i ASSUMED without really ever sitting down to watch a game, not realizing i could RECLAIM basketball for myself spiritually and conceptually

it was like a dance, they had costumes and spins that they practiced - but they also improvised every inch of their movements, watching each other in perfect form of paying attention - of HOW TO BE generous to the group. you see this in ensemble work in dance, how to take a solo, how to support the group, how to be A PART OF the whole

it was like witchcraft, how they could tune in to exactly what their coven was thinking and feeling, the way they could almost be doing one thing and then in a split second be doing a different thing. simply the height in the air which they fly, and how they glide so seamlessly. 

sometimes being generous is sitting on the sideline, sometimes it's throwing a ball behind your head with complete and total trust your teammate will be there to dunk it

thrifted this book in Frankfort, MI 

thrifted this book in Frankfort, MI 

While i've been contemplating all of this my CHOIR collaborator Molly Ross has been working on the zine HOOP STARS with her partner Rob, and it's stunning. First I watched LeBron take home the trophy against all odds, and now I get to hold this beautiful zine in my hand.

Illustrations, stats, conceptual musings about the way these players are in AND out of the game - it really is something to behold.

Snag a copy in the shop or online

from HOOP STARS : 


zines for you! a five year gift

five years ago today i had a spiritual experience and made a decision to quit drinking 

today i'd like to offer my 3 zines : The Art of, Balancing Actions, & How to Not Always Be Working at NAME YOUR OWN PRICE by clicking the link below. here is the best part : i will use the money to print a large quantity of my zines so that it's easier to wholesale them to other shops (we currently still print, fold, and staple evey zine!)

so - give what you can! it will all go to supporting the printing of MORE of these zines! ie : if you have only $5 but want all 3 zines AWESOME, if you want to send $20 for only one zine GREAT - it will all go towards the printing of more! 

HERE IS HOW YOU DO IT : you will click the link below which will bring you to a paypal page. name your price! (add the correct shipping below) 

IMPORTANT : then, in the NOTES section you will write A) which zines you want and how many and B) your shipping address (send as friends/family)

suggested retail prices for zines : the art of (5) balancing actions (3) how to not always be working (

if you live in the US : add $2 to your chosen price to ship 

if you live in CANADA : add $5 to your chosen price to ship 

if you live anywhere else : add $10 to your chosen price to ship 

that's it! we'll use the money raised to have local printer Screaming Gnat print fold and staple the and then ship them out in the next week! 

feeling grateful for a life free of alcohol and the gifts it's given me, like this special space & community! xoxo

prairie skirt sew along!

It's been awhile since we did a sew along! Join in with Blue Prints for Sewing's newest pattern : the Praire Skirt which you can find in the LIMITED EDITION zine she made during her residency! 

Throughout the month of May we'll be sewing this awesome and simple skirt and using the hashtag #hcskirtalon - tag your photos and show us what you make! 

Grab a zine here : 

Guest Blog Post: Resident Artist Danielle Freiman

On setting intentions, checking in, and taking time

It’s been a big year. I’ve done some big life things and have felt both vulnerable and brave (and several feelings within that spectrum.) When the time came to visit Have Company for a residency, I felt tired. I decided to try not making plans beforehand, but rather try showing up and being here.


In my art practice, I often write manifestos as a form of setting intentions and providing a framework for larger projects or ideas, usually in list format. When I arrived at the shop, I wrote a manifesto for my time during the residency:


  1. Sleep as much as you want.

  2. Make arrangements in the space.

  3. Communicate about what you need.

  4. Take some time and space to reflect and heal.

  5. Talk to as many people as you can.

  6. Don’t be afraid of going outside and feeling lost.

  7. Process inward and outward.

  8. Find some treasures.

  9. Move slowly.


During my workshop this week on setting intentions and writing personal manifestos, we shared thoughts on giving ourselves permission to take time and space, how to break down larger goals into smaller ones, and using manifestos as a way of checking in. I like this idea of checking in because it allows a manifesto to take note of what's already present and observe what can (and will) change. 

Being here gave me a break that I don't usually have (or feel like I have time for) and the opportunity to look at patterns and move around without expectations. I’m ready to return home, but with the precaution and priority of taking time.

Guest Post: Resident Artist Atiya Jones

                    (Before: Filling in the Spaces / Anyway Possible IV ink on bristol, 4” x 4”)

                    (Before: Filling in the Spaces / Anyway Possible IV ink on bristol, 4” x 4”)

Home: On Being There, Looking For One & Finding One

The lease on my apartment was ending, I’d just been fired from a soul-sucking retail job and I loved the sun. That’s why I moved to Los Angeles in 2009; it was that simple. I had $500 in my bank account and I used half of it to buy a one-way ticket.  My friend’s parents agreed to put me up until I got on my feet. I arrived and proceeded to not work for a month and a half. I was being a post-collegiate deadbeat, but didn’t know how to navigate my way out then. I was too busy succumbing to sun-kissed wanderlust, sprinkled into days where I endlessly filled out my bedspread. The bounty of vitamin D was no opponent for my waves of depression.


    Save for a few possessions, I had nothing to really call my own. It weighed on me emotionally. I couldn’t provide for myself. I didn’t live anywhere. My life was completely borrowed. With the money I had, I rode the bus to the beach and drank cheap beer at outlier bars. Eventually, yes I got a job and made a friend (yes, just the one) and we went on to ride buses together. Our terrible retail job, turned into a pretty okay job at a bakery and I moved in with her. I visited NY for my sister’s wedding and sold all of my winter clothes (that’s commitment!). Just a few weeks later I would find myself sitting on a concrete canal of the LA river, crying and my eldest sister bought my flight back home.

    I felt like a king in an empty castle. It killed me that my mother had no idea what my world looked like, and I wasn’t sure if she ever would. I felt guilty sucking up all that landscape and adventure by myself. I’d rather live in the filth with my friends. And just like that, I found my way back to Brooklyn.




    The apartment I live in now has been my home for five years. It has taken just as much time to accumulate the notes, photographs, and artwork that make it feel like it’s mine. I worked hard to build that feeling of foundation. But recently it’s undergone these transformations. My partner, “ours,” more material things. Furniture rearranged and purchased to accommodate the newly acquired romance and the possessions that came along with him. Then India, infidelity, no partner. No matter how much of Me fills this space, it’s not the same. This home is no longer that to me.




    Home. Tattooed on my ribcage. It tells me, reminds me, that everywhere I go I am home. I have to be. I lose track of that notion from time to time. The place where one lives permanently. Inside of this body; I’m my only option. I thought about that everyday during my residency at HC. I meditated. I slept well. I did yoga alone and sang at the top of my lungs. I made new artwork, and I accepted when I didn’t. I wandered through the city and then I wandered to Detroit. I moved with my inner winds. Somewhere along my lines, I forgot that this is what I do. I construct these little versions of home everywhere I go for however long I stay. Home is where I am and where I’ll always be. Knowing and feeling that is grounding. It calms me. Wellness is an integral part of my work, and life. When I am internally unbalanced it is reflected through my lines. I have only ever made self portraits.

                                                  (After: Clarity IV, ink on bristol 17” x 14”)

                                                  (After: Clarity IV, ink on bristol 17” x 14”)

book club : walking in this world (artist's way follow up!)

WHAT : Have Company is going to have a book club now

WHAT BOOK : Walking in This World : The Practical Art of Creativity by Julia Cameron + + further steps along The Artist's Way 

WHY : Because this book will break you right open and what better time to do it then...

WHEN : OSTARA/SPRING EQUINOX : this Sunday March 20 we will begin WEEK ONE + the book is broken up into TWELVE WEEKS so each sunday we will check in via the ....

FACEBOOK GROUP + this is the format we will use to check in with each other but please read my ....

NOTES ON SOCIAL MEDIA : don't have a facebook? no worries neither do i. WELL, i do. and you will see that when you click the above group. i have zero friends and only use this page to host my Faecbook pages for Have Company & Personal Practice, as well as have the ability to start this book club group. So if you want to join but don't have an account - simply make one for the purpose of joining our group. Also if you friend request me I will politely decline xo 

WHAT YOU'LL NEED : the book, a journal, a pen, your feet

LOCAL MEET UPS : in addition to meeting up on the facebook group every week, i'll host a real life meeting every 3 weeks at Have Company, I encourage you to start a real life group where you live! The dates of those are : SUN APRIL 10 + SUN MAY 1 + SUN MAY 22 + and a closing meeting one week after the completion on SUN JUNE 19 

SUPER EXCITED! hope you'll join us xoxoxo

a note on accessibility : there are a few folks in my life who use wheelchairs as their main mode of transportation or walking isn't an option for them. this book outlines a lot of other ways to "get in your walk" ie being outside for 20 minutes, some sort of subtle movement with your body. please do not feel excluded if walking is out of your range.