self care goods we can't live without!

the ladies of Have Company share with you their favorite goods in the self care & apothecary section of the shop! 


Soothe Soap (Moon Rivers Naturals) 

i have recently been really into bar soap. of course we all look for a soap that smells incredible, and i'll be honest, that's the reason i picked this guy up. i didn't even care if it functioned well (you should, it's soap). i love how sultry and relaxing this bar of soap smells and how it makes my hands smell like that for hours. it also makes my hands feel the nice kind of clean, not the tight rubbery kind of clean. thanks, bar soap!

Deodorant Cream (Fat and the Moon) 

i'll be honest, i'm always skeptical of deodorants. they seem iffy and inconsistent, but this year i've been determined to find the right one. already very pleased with fat & the moon's other products, i was pretty excited to try their cream deodorant, and to my surprise, this guy works like a charm. i believe my body needs to sweat, so i like a deodorant that lets me, and this one does. but it also gets rid of that horrendous funk in your pits. well done, fat and the moon.

Good Vibes Oil (Moon RIvers Naturals) 

This is my go to every day, I want to bathe in it (i'm sure i could). I put this on my wrists, my neck, and all over my hair because it gives me a sense of protection and musky positivity, a reminder i need to be conscious of constantly throughout my day. 


Unicorn Oil & No Worries Oil (Soul Sunday) 

Using all natural oils and hand-blended ingredients, I was pleased to read that Soul Sunday's apothecary goods are free of parabens, dyes and sulfates. Since I was young, I've dealt with terrible migraines that progressively get worse as the day goes on.. and I've found that certain essential oils really do help in relieving the pain. I was so excited when Have Company started carrying a line of their products and in the mix, I tried their 'Unicorn Oil' (100% vegan) which I would describe as having both calming and cooling qualities when applied to my temples and pulse points.

I also tried their 'No Worries' aromatherapy roller (also 100% vegan) which proved to be very awakening and citrusy. I don't think anyone would be let down by the quality of Soul Sunday's line of products. Being a creative collective that was developed and inspired through traveling, and sourcing fine natural ingredients excluding parabens, sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrance and preservatives, they carry a wonderful selection of apothecary goods and I believe their hard work and ingenuity has really paid off. 


All Salve (Fat and the Moon) 

my little hands get so raw from so much knitting, quilting, and working with my hands. spreading a little bit of all salve on my dry skin, or my ecxema (could write a whole damn post on this) brings me such much relief. plus the little tin makes it easy to pop in my bag or stick it in my back pocket! 

Third Eye (Sister Spinster)  

When i started putting drops of this essence in my water i truly saw a difference in how i saw things. Especially in terms of running my business.  I started to see where I really wanted us to go, where I had fallen short in being true to myself, and started to pay deeper attention to my own intuition.

Open Hearted (Homestead Apothecary) 

I don't know about y'all but I know I love to hide my feelings and not talk about stuff that's going on.  A few drops of Open Hearted and I'm in a vulnerable place, but the GOOD kind.  Where my heart is wide open, but I also feel like I can create a safe space around me. 


Burning Sage & Palo Santo - both are incredible for clearing the energy in a space, setting new intentions, and making the whole place smell peaceful and pleasant. 

happy self care during a wild holiday season

xoxox marlee, ariel, & hayley