workshop in review : hanging terrariums

there's something about a group of people gathering to share an experience together. each person walks into the space with feelings, beliefs, and expectations for themselves, and almost every time, they leave with something new. 


thursday night with artist in residence Samantha Gladstone was one of those nights. amidst the blizzard outside, a group of energetic women braved the cold and entered the shop to learn something new for themselves, how to make a hanging macrame terrarium. what they left with was so much more. 

samantha with all of her golden, wide eyed child wonder brought the most gracious, educational, and exciting workshop to us that evening. not only did she eradicate all of our beliefs that we were not artists ourselves, she taught us how simple some of the "daunting" skills actually are and how we can apply them practically into our every day lives. all of the sudden our fears of being incapable were gone! macarame knots were quickly learned! bowls were filled with immense detail and care! deep knowledge of plant care was instilled into our precious, growing minds! and we made the most magical hanging terrariums together, with new confidence and encouragement. 

as the night came to an end, the shop was filled with warmth and laughter, new friends, and bursting creativity. as the winter blows it's chilliest blanket over us, we will all look fondly at our hanging terrariums with admiration and empowerment.

join us this week Friday for Fiber Friday with Meghan Shimek from 5-8 where we'll play on looms and weave! and our nest workshop is another hanging macrame class with artist in residence Nicole Musgrave, more details & reserve your spot

workshop review brought to you by Ariel Rogers