workshop in review: meditative weaving with meghan shimek

it was yet another evening that you lay in bed thinking "i wish that never ended."
and lucky enough for me, it won't. not only did i go to bed thinking about weaving, i woke up determined to continue the craft and trodded right down to the shop to purchase my very own beginners weaving kit to forever continue my new found addiction.

first things first, meghan shimek is an angel. 
sure, this was my absolute first time seeing a loom in real life and i'll be honest, the concept of weaving absolutely boggled my mind, but meghan very graciously gave us a platform to have absolutely no rules and create something we found beautiful. 
meghan taught us the bare bones to weaving which gave so much freedom to explore the endless options of fibers, textures, and weaves we found right. when we felt a bit stuck, we could walk around, eat some chocolate, and revisit our mini masterpiece. so much good for the soul. 

half way through the night, my neighbor turned to me and said, "why don't we do this all the time?"
i looked around. 
every single woman at the table was glowing. hands were busy, faces were full of ease and joy, you could physically feel each heart brimming with fullness. through craft, through texture, through community, we were full. 
we do need to do this all the time. 

so here's to meghan, for truly allowing each person to look at their loom and create something from within. here's to teaching us that a craft doesn't have to be technical, doesn't have to be "right", but an expression of any kind from a genuine place in our hearts. 


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