featured maker : anvil goods

Established in 2009, Anvil Goods is the Grand Rapids-based duo of woodworkers William Campbell and Megan Shannahan. Our products blend everyday function with uncommon aesthetics.  Specializing in furniture, lighting, and home goods, our goal with every handcrafted product is to find the line between art and utility.  We source hardwoods native to Michigan as we prefer to work with varieties that can be found abundantly in the U.S.  Most of our pieces are made to order, everything handcrafted with care by William and Megan. It is our passion to create beautiful solutions for spacial and functional needs. 

We love our work because - 

We love the product. Wood is gorgeous, functional, durable, lasts (multiple) lifetimes, has a story, and beautifies as it ages. We really love wood. We try to keep our designs simple and let the natural beauty of our materials take center stage, just adding a few lines in the right places and grouping different varieties and tones together to create color palates.

We love the process. Coaxing the natural beauty out of a rough cut board is exciting, gratifying, and addicting. We’re forever learning new and better ways to work with wood in order to draw out its natural qualities. There are generations of knowledge to tap into on building stronger, more simply, combining hand tools and power tools and a thousand finishes. While our work brings us pride, it is also humbling. 

We love our jobs. Many of our days consist of waking up with an idea, scampering into the shop, and bringing that idea to life. It’s amazing to see what you can create with a vision, some problem solving skills, and your own hands by the end of a day. We’re so thankful to do this work that pushes us constantly to be better, cleverer, more thorough, and more inventive. 

We love our community. We are incredibly proud and grateful to live in a city that values craftsmanship! A majority of our work has come from the Grand Rapids community, and it means so much to us every time someone chooses to support us instead of big box stores. We can’t compete with the prices of machine-produced goods, but every day folks are proving that they value goods built to last, made locally by hardworking people.

these beautiful serving boards are now available in our online shop here

thanks to megan for writing this blog post, you can contact her or william about a custom project at anvilgoodsdesign.com