natural healing : lemon balm

Over the past few years I have sought a multitude of different pathways to natural ways of healing my mind and body from stress and anxiety.  The base of this work for me has been through Craniosacral Therapy with natural health therapist Rachel Dawson Knapp

Rachel uses a combination of natural healing modalities, including healing touch, flower essences, and tinctures.  One of the most life changing decisions for me was the commitment to this practice of healing, and today I'd love to begin a series of posts sharing with you ways that Rachel has guided me in this journey. 

When Nic from Homestead Apothecary approached us about selling their tinctures I was so excited.  I'd been taking Lemon Balm per Rachel's suggestions for 2 years, but it felt disconnected to take something from a brand I'd never heard of.  There is something really powerful knowing exactly where something comes from it and who creates it, especially when it has to do with healing of the body & mind. 

I have found that for me by taking Lemon Balm in my water before I go to bed I wake up FAR LESS anxious than I did before.  I noticed a shift within the first week.  I woke up without a sense of doom for the day.  With a sense of aliveness that I had been lacking within those first few moments of waking.  My mornings became more of a ritual, and I would take some them too, feeling the lemon balm work with my nervous system to combat stress.  

We offer Lemon Balm by Homestead Apothecary, as well as the Mental Health Cookbook which can help you to make your own herbal tinctures for healing.