slow fashion october : an introduction

What will make you finish is not self discipline, but self forgiveness - Elizabeth Gilbert

Sweet October, my favorite month. Knitting takes on a whole new meaning as the temperature drops, and autumn in Michigan is nothing short of a mystical magical dreamland. The colors, cider, donuts, wool, backyard fires, sweater weather in all it's glory. It also is a time for reflection, finishing projects, and we can see Mercury in Retrograde happening simultaneously as a gift for taking a good hard look at ourselves. SO! When friend Karen Templer announced she was organizing Slow Fashion October I knew I wanted in, and then when I was falling asleep last night and remembered today would be October First I knew it was just what I needed 

This is the first year I've really knit anything other than a rectangle, and when your social media feeds are filled to the brim with rad people knitting every sweater you've ever dreamt of owning, the pressure is on. The pressure I put on myself is on. Am I doing good enough? Am I working fast enough? Is my store cool enough? A fine line between "Oh yes! I am inspired to do my personal best" and "Oh shit everyone is doing a way better job than me!" Adding yarn to the shop has been nothing short of the best thing ever, but when you own a shop that is part yarn/knitting and you are also learning to knit a sock at the same time it comes with .... not challenges but ... a level of patience with the self is certainly required. 

SO HERE I AM OCTOBER FIRST. Covered head to toe in unfinished projects, more thrifted and handmade clothes than I can count or want to look at, a whole lot of quickness in my day to day, and a desire to slow down. I start a project but then I see a new KAL to join in so I put it down and forget it. Or I get stumped and instead of asking for help or using youtube I just say MEH. Which makes for very few finished hand knits. 

HERE ARE MY PERSONAL GOALS FOR SLOW FASHION OCTOBER (all to be documented on Instagram and this here blog) 

+ Make a list of all WIPS - where I'm stuck, why I put it down, and a goal for when I'll finish it 

+ Document everything in my stash - maybe sell some? give some away as gifts? take a good hard look at it all 

+ Make a list of all fabric in my studio and what my plans are for them 

+ Set my sewing machine up in my studio and have a clear and powerful workspace (no promises on keeping it clean, just making sure it's set up) 

+ Document all yarn/supply/fabric purchases : were they necessary? How did I feel after I made the purchase? 

+ KonMari method my personal wardrobe and rid myself of the things that don't spark joy 

+ Celebrate the things I have made! I'll share some of my favorite things I've made 

Ok! That feels like a good start and outline! Grateful for Karen Templer for putting this together and so excited to see how everyone else joins in. Also, here is the incredible interview with Elizabeth Gilbert and Marie Forleo I quoted at the top, a must watch! xo