open call for residents : nov 2015 - june 2016

 photo of rachel blodgett of serpent and bow by mae stier 

photo of rachel blodgett of serpent and bow by mae stier 

The time has come, my favorite time. To invite new friends to be a part of this little world. To show up to themselves and this community. The application is here, plus we have some new opportunities that you can read all about below. The deadline to apply is Monday November 9.

We now offer three tracks, plus a possible fourth track (if the interest is there) Please review the options and in the 'which track are you applying for' space you may list one or all!  All tracks are 9 days and the cost is $250 + if you feel like more time would suit your need or project just say so! We are looking to be flexible.

TRACK ONE : the original (available nov - june) - stay in the back of the shop for 9 days! 

TRACK TWO : the get cozy/return resident/small shop/space owner (available jan 15 - march 15) - live with Marlee for 9 days! this track is designed for the small business owner, past resident, or inquisitive soul looking to have more one on one peer building time with Marlee and literally live with her in the dead of winter 

TRACK THREE : off site (available dec - march) live in a special house in Bellaire, MI for 9 days called The Hyacinth House. This track is designed for someone who is looking for a more secluded experience, but still with the support of Marlee & the Have Company team.

TRACK FOUR : the collaborative house (dates TBD) live in a house in Grand Rapids, MI for 9 days with OTHER residents! This option is not set in stone, but if we find there is enough interest we'll try to make it happen!