spending + the first few days

Throughout Slow Fashion October I'll break down my spending on items and objects related to fashion, how much the item was, and how I felt after I purchased it. It's easy for me to buy things I might already have because I am not actually organized or thoughtful about what is in my stash or closet, hence wanting to be as transparent as possible and all sorts of real about the process of spending, making, buying, using, and purging. 


From my very own shop I picked out 2 skeins of Camellia Fiber Co Flax to work on the Lori Shawl by Carrie Bostick Hoge from Madder Anthology II.  Although there are other projects I wanted to put first, I wanted to knit something up in this yarn to have in the shop, and also be able to work on something meditative and repetitive in my car ride to Philadelphia. Plus with all the spouting off I do about how beautiful Rebekka's yarn is I have yet to knit with any of it. Total cost to me was $32, but of course is hard to put a price on something that will be a sample in the shop since it will hopefully inspire many others to make the same or something similar. 


On my way to Philly to visit my brother we detoured to Carlisle, PA to visit sister store Harmony Society. Here it is y'all, the biggest doozy of all my spending. Stopping by another shop and wanting them to feel supported.  I made sure to enter tapped into my body, and had decided before I came that I would not buy yarn, since I knew I would be at Loop in Philly the next day and would buy yarn there. I also had a mentor tell me before 'to show people you care you don't have to buy something from them' I try to channel that mantra.  I wouldn't want anyone to spend money in my store and then leave feeling like they did it just to impress me or be nice. 


My one fashion purchase was a $28 pair of beautiful wool socks. I left and felt the pang I always do. Did I really need socks? I can make socks now so ... and $28 for one pair of socks ... Alas. I got to my brother's place a few hours later and slipped them on my feet and felt incredibly happy. It also inspired me to go home and take a real good look at my socks. Too many mismatched socks does not a peaceful girl make. 


Went to Loop with a list : 5 skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Loft for a sweater and 1 skein of Madelintosh Sock. AND I DID IT. That is exactly what I purchased. I then saw Ambatalia bags in real life for the first time and got myself one of those, my final tally coming to $117 - envisioning the sock yarn for either the obvious sock answer or to add some color pop to a shawl 

The color of loft I got sent my heart singing and I felt happy and confident in my purchases, It felt great to meet Laura the owner and visit with Kristine, who had visited my shop the weekend before. 

Visited Moon & Arrow and happily bought myself a pair of earrings for $30 by Janelle Gramling who I've been following for a bit and inspired by. Definitely a purchase that felt positive, but also like all things I buy still struggling with the 'do I really need this? Does this bring me joy? They are in my ears right now and I feel joyful :) 

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + 

Updates on projects : I took my long sitting Farmhouse shawl and blocked it in Twig and Horn wool soap from the shop, decided no fringe for now, wanted to wear it awhile and see how I felt without it ... not sure I am much of a fringe person. When it was all wet after soaking and had dried a bit I put it on and it draped so nicely but once it was dry it felt a little stiff again in the shoulders like it didn't drape the same way ... maybe there is a way to make it drapier? Is that a word? Either way it is keeping me warm and happy. I'd like to add it to Ravelry and get my page poppin too.