pleased to introduce our next set of residents

I am deeply humbled and grateful to share this list of upcoming residents with you.  I encourage you to click through to see all of their work, and see our instagram post here with all their tags to their feed 

A few notes, we are still working on the possibility of a collaborative house that would house more residents, stay tuned for this possibility. Next to a few residents you will see house edition written next to their name which means they will be living with Marlee during their residency, however still participating in activities in our Division Avenue location. Also, we are still working out dates and times for a few folks who will be utilizing our beautiful Northern Michigan offsite location, more on that to come! 


Sara Strickler  December 13-22

Alise Anderson January 6-14

Lizzy House January 15-22 house edition

Jaime Jennings (Fancy Tiger Crafts) January 15-22

Will Owen January 24-February 1

Sarah Gottesdiener (Modern Women) January 24 - February 1 house edition

Amber Martin (Harmony Society) February 1-9 house edition

Chelsea Granger  February 2-10 

Courtney Knight February 11-19 house edition

Erica Recto  February 11-19 

Whit Forrester February 20-28

Rachel Berks (Otherwild) & Sara Williams (Women's Center for Creative Work) February 21 - March 1 house edition

Anny Crane March 1-9 house edition

Molly Schaeffer March 1-9

Atiya Jones March 9-17

Danielle Freiman March 30 - April 7

Brandi Harper April 8-16

Tif & Meg Fussell April 18-25

Taylor McVay (Blueprints For Sewing) April 26 - May 4 

Erin Guido May 5-13

Lauren WInter May 14-22

Liz Migliorelli  (Sister Spinster) May 23 - 31 

Kacie Smith & CB Bryan May 16-27

Rebecca Bruno  June 2-10

Kevin Clancy June 21-29