workshop in review : natural dyes

This past Saturday we were lucky enough to have our neighbor Megan Roach of Adventure Textiles come down to the shop and teach us about natural dyes! 

It was incredible to see how mixing water and food could produce so many different colors.  Megan has been working on mixing and matching a ton of different dyes which you can read about on her blog, from the dye pot 

Here are some of the first colors we achieved from samples of onion skin, avocado pits, and avocado skins.  

Megan's recommendation for a book on natural dyes (especially ones you can forage for here in the US) is WIld Color by Jenny Dean 

The possibilities really are endless! At the end we even got to play with a little bit of indigo! It's so satisfying to MAKE COLORS in the KITCHEN that are so much more pleasing to the eye (and touch) then colors of fabric at the big box stores.  It is so empowering to watch the colors form in the fiber in front of you.  

Plus it's all just a big experiment every time, there is no messing up.