featured artist : bertha

When Michael first approached me about curating the Gallery in the space we both knew that we wanted to truly include the neighborhood, and when we began brainstorming what that would look like our mutual love and overlapping art collections pointed right to Heartside Gallery and Studio, just a few blocks away from us.  Michael also had the idea to build a sort of "gallery stock" area so that even while we have full shows on the big white wall we also have a mini area where we have prints, original paintings, and ceramics by some of our favorite local artists. 

Bertha has been an inspiration to me for years.  She has ben through so much in her life and has continued to make strong and innovative work no matter what her circumstances. I feel blessed to be able to carry her work at Have Company.  The way she archives the human form in her work is so raw and true to what we really are - flawed and flawless at the same time. 

and coming soon, more of these beauties :