window working with joey korein

Watching Joey piece her wabi sabi tees together is a dance in itself.  Improvised in nature, with intention and contemplation in each square, watching them form is like watching an event.  It has a beginning, middle, and end.  Starts with old t-shirts, becomes squares, becomes smaller squares that become bigger squares, and scraps and scraps.

I have loved watching Nickey's cloud tshirt become an important piece of many other Wabi Sabi Tees, as well as a large piece in her own.  Makes me think so much about my own clothes and how sometimes they loose meaning, but it doesn't mean they can't be turned into something different, or shared. 


Joey's project during her residency was to meet with five different artists in Grand Rapids, have a meal & a field trip with them, and make them a personal Wabi Sabi Tee in exchange for something they have created. Rose Beerhorst brought her to the Library, Megan Roach on a tour of Heritage Hill Homes and to the comic shop (and Van's Pastry because I realllly needed a donut), and tomorrow Nickey will bring her to Wisemaker

Joey will also meet with Eliza Fernand & Nicole France Coe, and then I will take her on her last field trip to, as our friend Mary calls it, Ocean Michigan.

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