workshop in review : planters & pitfires with katie carey

When planning Resident Artist Katie Carey's workshop we knew we would need an outdoor area. John and I host many events & house shows in our home just a few neighborhoods away from the shop so it felt natural to host it! We set up the living room to be a clay classroom with the backyard ready for our pitfire, or in this case can fire.

Everyone started streaming in, record playing, coffee brewing.  Although the vibe of Have Company workshops always has a really laid back and natural feel, there was something about having it in a house, surrounded by blankets and lamps, that made it all the more cozy and fun. 

A few around the table and more of us spread out on the couch, Katie had us dive right in to playing with clay.  Our hands covered in clay we started making pinch pots, little sculptures, beads, planters, coil pots, and more. 

We went to the back yard with our own lil pit fires! Katie fashioned some cans to use that we stuffed with sawdust and wild grass from the beach.  We put our ceramics inside the cans and let them cook overnight! 

Thanks again to Katie for being such an incredible teacher and artist! Stay tuned for her podcast episode and to see more of her work go here

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