new projects, new tools, new goals

Moving towards knitting tools and yarns in the shop is proving to be a great joy, a slow process, and as all things with this space are : a gift. 

I'm really learning right now that when I am patient I am my best self, that patience leads to the best results. Probably not true for all people, but for me I am noticing that when I am rushing through projects, or more importantly impatient with the growth of Have Company, I go into a state of really not being able to move forward. So, meditating on patience. 

There is so much I want to share! A few big announcements coming in the next few weeks, planning my trip to California at the beginning of May, working with Michael Rodriguez to build new structures and tables for the space.  Always working towards Have Company as a true space for gathering, or as my friend Rachel calls her shop/design studio Otherwild : a community center. PLUS I want to publish a million books, get better at posting the podcast (so many episodes behind) and all around get a clearer vision on rolling out new material.

BUT TODAY! Just for today, I'd love to introduce you to a new family of goods in the shop, Brittany Needles. We are now carrying a selection of knitting needles, cable needles, and shawl pins! 

For me - I will be using the size 11 needles with Blackthorn alpaca & wool blend I picked up at Clever Ewe to cast on The Moto Vest! A little late maybe for the Woolful KAL, but better late than never! Been really inspired by so many completed ones I thought it would be a great first piece of clothing if you will, aside from shawls.

You can stop into the shop anytime Tuesday - Saturday 12-6 to peruse and touch and try out all these new tools, or order in the online shop HERE