california tour schedule!

This week Thursday I leave for California! Things here in Grand Rapids will be business as usual, including an awesome art opening this Friday! I am doing a whole lot of things up and down the coast and am excited to share them with you : 

May 2 & 3 : vending at Mercado Segrado alongside Otherwild 

May 1 & 4 : exploring the sights with Rachel from Otherwild in LA, what should I see? Wanna hangout? 

May 5 : watching past artist in residence Jenny Williams aka Gossimer play music with one of of my all time favorites Stephen Steinbrink in Oakland 

May 6 : teaching alongside Jenny Williams at Case for Making in San Francisco where we'll lead a conversation on the Creative Process and How to not always be working

May 8 : Improvisational Quilting, or how there is no messing up in Ojai at Summer Camp 

May 9 : Knitting night at Myrtle in LA from 5-8pm

May 10 : Improvisation Quilting, or how there is no messing up (this class is sold out but you can get added to the waitlist!) at Women's Center for Creative Work in conjunction with Otherwild 

Comment below for any suggestions of places to go and things to see! Looking so forward to soaking it all in. xoxo