How To Not Always Be Working

I created this workbook because I was (am) having a hard time setting healthy boundaries around my work.  As a small business owner, I am my own boss, and 100% responsible for my schedule, my income, my time, etc. This often affects my personal relationships, care for my physical body, and care for my mind and spiritual self. 

I have a habit of making space for/writing about the things I wish I was reading.  So let me be the first to say this little book is in no way a comprehensive guide to how to live your life without over working, nor is it anything more than my personal opinion. But it is honest, and it is true, and it can also be those things for you. 

There are four sections where I identify what different parts of my work feel like to me, as well as what work factually is to me. I then give you a chance to fill in what they feel like to you. If you'd like to keep the workbook intact you can always use a separate piece of paper. I find that by typing or putting pen to paper on certain subjects, my work practice being one of them, gives me great insight and immediately begins the process of taking healthier breaks and taking better care of my self. 

The booklet was created in conjunction with a class I am teaching at Case For Making in San Francisco on May 6 alongside Jenny WIlliams, past resident artist at Have Company.  I have to pay homage to Mary Rothlisberger who taught me How to Have a Hangout, and Jenny who teaches me How to Have A Creative Process.  I feel grateful for what my friends teach me and inspire me to share my own findings as I too learn to navigate this delicate balance of time. Both Jenny and Mary were residents at Have Company and infiltrated my life and personal practice with a lot of the energy that brought me to create this tiny book. 

I enjoyed printing, folding, and stapling each booklet and typing it up on my typewriter, not necessarily because it's what I prefer but because it's how I know how to. 

You can pick one up here, and after my go at teaching in San Francisco I look forward to sharing this class in Grand Rapids. xoxo