finished : nordic wind

This was such an incredible joy to knit and even MORE exciting to block it!  I love the affordability of the project with Léttlopi from Tolt Yarn and Wool, and the simplicity of the pattern by Deneise of cabinfour helps make the color changes SHINE so brightly. I knitted this project as part of Tolt's Icelandic Wool Month 

My skin is still getting used to itchier wool, but this didn't bother me! Especially after I soaked it for 20 minutes in the Eucalan Wash I picked up at Clever Ewe in Ada, MI.  I let it dry and worked it into it's triangular shape and it turned into a drapey dream shawl! 

You can read more about how I altered the final product slightly on my Ravelry Page 

Thanks again to Tolt for bringing us all along to Iceland in March with the projects, to cabinfour for an awesome pattern, & for Lori for helping me along the way and teaching me how to block it! 

Look for a new collaboration from Have Company and cabinfour coming soon! We'll be hosting our first knit along accompanied by a shawl knitting kit with Adventure Textile Yarn!