there is no messing up, a naughty bobbin, & preparing a space

Three cheers for messing up, for not being perfect, for doing things backwards, for these lessons that seem so unapologetically free for the taking.  Pictured here, cutting the fabric NOT on the fold, creating this hilarious shape. Right now I am hosting a lil sew along (or as I have kindly named them "dress alongs") on our Instagram and we are currently making the Wiksten tank/dress.  As much as I crave seeing everyone's finished tanks, I of course envision some sort of glorious and serene tale of sewing it perfectly and voila - personal tank. I am here to tell you a different tale. 

You might be into it, you might not give a rat's ass, but Mercury is in retrograde.  The planet rules 2 astrological signs : Gemini & Virgo. I my friends, am a Gemini with Virgo rising. I have learned (mostly the hard way) to embrace the retrograde season. But some times it can really wear me out. Although even just the past week already has seen a lot of growth, this experience we may have Mercury to thank. Alas, at the end it taught me a lesson, and that means it's working.

Things started out good. I gave my studio a deep clean and reorganized things, expressing gratitude for having a whole room to myself to sew. I had my fabric on hand from Fancy Tiger Crafts, traced my pattern on a new roll of tracing paper I got myself, FEELIN GOOD TO GO. First mistake you'll see pictured above. So I mess up ... lucky for me I got a big chunk of fabric and had plenty to cut out a front that was correct. 

I manage to figure out the french seams. I feel good. I was a little confused on the shoulders and texted some friends. You have to sort of maneuver them to have the edges touch, they don't just lay together. I sew it up, turn it inside out. Def had to do the shoulders again since I didn't incase the seam enough. At this point my self talk has already beaten me up a few times. DEAR SELF - this is your second piece of clothing you have EVER sewn. DEAR SELF - this is your first time even ATTEMPTING french seams. You are alive, you are ok. In fact you are exquisite. 

Ok here is where I fail. Oh wait there is no fail there is only make : taped RIGHT next to my sewing machine. This is where I ... arrive unprepared to my sewing practice. I have now steadily pinned the fabric to make the hem.  This was harder than I thought. I begin sewing, I am feeling good, and BOOM the bobbin runs out. Not a big deal in the scheme of this whole being a person thing, but boy was I cranky. I go to wind a new one and things get all tangled. I can't seem to get the thread off to try again. I try, I look for a new bobbin. I manage to loose the tangled bobbin somewhere in the room. I stop. I start writing this blog post. 

I guess what I am getting to is to be prepared. To truly prepare a space for a next project. To have MORE THAN ONE BOBBIN.  These things that I am just out of practice on after not having quilted in awhile. But even when I am quilting a lot I still do these same things. This same not taking the time, to be mindful, to set things up for success, moving too fast wanting the finished product. 

I felt excited about the pocket I made. Bigger and placed at the bottom. I feel excited about the shape, about making this alongside others. I feel excited that instead of spiraling into a mess of anger I decided to take a break. To write this out. 

This is where I stop for the day, this is where I stop working. This isn't work but I made it into a thing I share here so it is sort of like working.  Johnny and I celebrate two damn years of wedded bliss tomorrow, so I am going to scoot on out, kiss him on the face, and pick this up again tomorrow. Or another day. Because there is no rush.