the return of the podcast

Today is a day in July, and the last time I uploaded a podcast episode was last December. See, sometimes I do this thing where I get so behind on doing something that I start to seriously dislike myself and then I just never do the thing. 

I wanted the music to be perfect, I want to have sponsors, I wanted to have a transcription for each episode, I wanted to have show notes, I wanted to figure out how many total people were listening. Guess what, I still didn't do any of those things. Which is part of the shame spiral, the "Will I ever be as good as I want to be?" spiral.  So I needed the spiral to end, I needed to release these conversations into the world because the point of this blog post is this : These people have changed my life. 

Each resident that shows up to their practice in the back of this little space continues to humble me, inspire me, and completely shift my sense of self. The best part is I get to share them and their teaching to the community, and watch the whole city shift with them. Through our community that has grown far beyond what I could ever imagine in the age of social media, it feels so special to get to share these residents with all of you. 

So yes, today my podcast episodes are still these unedited wild little talks with some of my newest and most treasured friends, but they are also a look into what it means to be a grounded and present artist in 2015 and how we are all seemingly working towards the same goal of not giving up.

So thank you, to these residents, for sharing such an unbelievably raw version of themselves, And to everyone who listens, it continues to excite and inspire me. xo - marlee 

 photo by mae stier 

photo by mae stier 

Listen to NINE NEW EPISODES HERE !!! These residents are truly changing the landscape of what it means to be an artist and a person in this day in age. It is real and raw and I am lucky to get to interview them and make jokes with them and even get a little teary eyed every now and then.