this week with desert jewels

Jojie & Lauren of Desert Jewels are our current resident artists and they have already invigorated and mystified this space, and they've only been here two days!  They have quite a few projects going on in the space and I wanted to share them with you and let you know you're invited. 

ALL THE TIME (today through sun everyday 12-6) COMMUNITY ALTAR : Desert Jewels will be creating a community altar in the front window of Have Company over the course of their residency. They invite you to bring any objects, photographs, trinkets, tokens, to be displayed in the altar. Lauren & Jo will be meditating every morning at the altar infusing the community with sacred vibes.  Feel free to stop by and meditate in the window every day we are open. 

FRIDAY 12-2pm : DESERT JEWELS OPEN HOURS : Jo and Lauren are in the process of revisioning their passion project Desert Jewels and they would love your help brainstorming and providing reflections.  Desert Jewels is ...That is the point - they are looking to rewrite their mission statement but more or less it is a virtual and physical community devoted to authenticity personal empowerment and creativity. 

SUNDAY 6pm : WRITING WITH THE BREATH - see details below

MONDAY 11am : BREAKFAST/MEDITATION/BEACH MONDAY : join us for a full moon breakfast potluck at Have Company and then a trip to Lake Michigan! we'd love to know aprox how many people are coming so shoot an email to, or hell JUST SHOW UP - and then while at the beach Jo will guide us in a meditation to resolve inner conflict. You don't want to miss these waves of magic.