Erika's Rosemont Sweater

this summer i had the pleasure of joining the home and away woolful kal with the rest of the have company crew. when i was given the book i spent a day reading through hannah fettig's articles of knitting information and pouring over the photos of the everyday timeless knits. the maine lifestyle captured in the pictures stole my heart. i could not wait to get started!

i ended up deciding to knit the rosemont cardigan because it seemed so easy to wear. great for winter as well as the transitional seasons- as a layer over and under other pieces for the coldest of days that i am looking so forward to. 

this was my first time knitting with quince and co lark. it was such a treat! a worsted weight that is as soft as it is sturdy- perfect for this design.

i have had this project off the needles for a couple weeks and have had the opportunity to enjoy it during the few weather dips we have had here in west michigan. although i am happy with the results, the collar turned out smaller than expected. after rereading the button band instructions i still have not figured out where i went wrong. even with it's imperfectness i will love it. i plan for this to be my go to cosy piece this season, and can't wait to pick some apples in it.. sip some cider!

pattern: rosemont by hannah fettig

yarn: quince and co lark color sabine

size made: 37.75