On self-care: a series




i am not a very old person and not a very young person. i'd say i'm pretty self-aware, but i don't think i respect myself enough to fully thrive. i don't wonder why i feel bad about myself sometimes, or wonder why i'm tired or moody or why my body aches or why i cry sometimes. i don't wonder because i know the answers. i know when i don't take proper care of myself and i know it's because i rarely stop to ask myself if my actions help or hurt myself. most days i don't even care.


today is the day that this stops. i'm at that special, self-conscious point in my life when i can finally see the benefits of turning inward and opening a dialogue with my own body. and with the new moon in libra it's the perfect time to slow down and take stock of who we are and what we need to find balance. the subject of our conversation is self-care.


self-care is about thriving as a human, about loving yourself enough to respect the space around and inside of you.  it should not be daunting-- that defeats the point. simple choices every day can affect the way we feel about ourselves. i'm interested in exploring the vast tree that is self-care: to climb up every branch and see what i can discover about myself. i hope you'll join me.


some questions:

what does self-care mean to you?

try to write down all of the decisions you've made in a day-- which ones helped you thrive and which ones didn't?


next week i'll be exploring rituals and why they are an important part of self-care.