the story of lila, the first sweater

This is the story of a girl's first sweater and the journey it took to get there. A few tiny lessons : finish what you start, don't be afraid to start over, messing up is ok (and mandatory), and blessed be the empowering feeling of finishing a damn sweater.

So in July we get in Quince and Co. It's beautiful. I immediately want to cast on a sweater but the idea of a swatch seems boring and labor intensive so I say meh and cast on a cardian in the suggested needle size and yarn weight. I get about 3/4 of the way done and it is WILD AND BAGGY, but not in the correct way. It was just simply too big, ill fitting, and not at all what I hoped for. 

I felt good though! I had gotten through those raglan increases, seen a true shape form, and definitely knew i COULD do this (if you are readin and wondering the answer is yes, you can too) So I took the whole damn thing out and immediately swatched for Lila on size 6 needles in the round and blocked it and was right on gauge! 

Then. The skeins sat. And sat. They stared at me. Maybe I resented them for not becomin what I had originally hoped. I went back to my shawl addiction. Learned to make socks, Made a bunch of socks. Made some more shawls. But what I really wanted was a WARDROBE. I wanted to be knittin clothin for my body. 

Working alongside of Erika has been incredible inspiring. She is truly dedicated to swatching, measuring her work as she goes, and completing the projects she starts. All things my scattered mind has a much harder time doing.

One day I just grabbed the yarn from the basket and cast on - and 10 days later TA DA! A sweater is born. 

I made the size 40.5 (I am about 37 in around the bust) and when I started knitting it seemed it was gonna be a lil smaller than what I had swatched for ... but figured in the blocking it would even out and it did! I wish I could remember how many skeins I pulled for it ... but I honestly can't. I DO however know that I was JUST shy of having enough yarn. Like ... 2 inches on the arm away from being finished. And of course had none left.

Alas! I went to the basement of the shop and found a tiny sample skein that Rebekka from Camellia Fiber Co. had sent me of her worsted weight yarn and the color and weight matched almost EXACTLY. Close a damn nuff. 

I cropped the length of the body, I like to wear high waisted pants or sweaters over dresses so that was more my vibe.  Didn't modify anything else.

I made this sweater alongside my instagram friend Ani Lee - we used a lil hashtag #crosspacificknitclub - it was a great way to stay accountable and see each other's progress.

Next up I'll be knitting Agnes alonside Jaime of Fancy TIger Crafts and Lizzy House - who are both the current residents at Have Company! Y'all should join in!