guest post : will starts his residency!

Hi, my name is will owen and I'm an interdisciplinary artist, composer, and curator based in New York and Philadelphia. That sentence basically just means I'm easily distracted and indecisive in so many ways, but I still get work done. 

My residency at Have Company started in Newark, New Jersey when I got a bit stuck in the airport due to the wild blizzard in the Northeast where I live normally. 

It became quickly apparent that I'd not be on time to Grand Rapids in order to begin my residency. 

Instead of sitting around and people watching (which ABSOLUTELY has it's value) I decided to begin working on what I would be doing at Have Company. 

I have been slowly compiling recipes for the last 7 years that people have memorized. It all began as an ice breaker question that I'd ask while hitchhiking in my younger days. I'd simply ask if the driver had any recipes memorized. Immediately I became drawn into conversations about their culture, family, and traditions. 

It was an incredible way to have a deeper conversation than simple small talk. Now I have compiled about 400+ recipes and have been hitchhiking and traveling and collecting recipes in Canada, Mexico, Denmark, Iceland, Taiwan, Russia, Cambodia, and Sweden, and have met folks along the way who gave recipes from Burma, Bolivia, Italy, Texas, Peru, India, and a bunch of other places. 

 In order to spend my time in the airports wisely, I got a few more recipes for my project, which has the working title, Provisions of Cody.

Here is a recipe for 7 layer dip I got from Silvia headed to Salt Lake City from Newark:

Use a Casserole dish.

1st layer on the bottom: refried beans (from 2 cans or make 'em yr self ~2-3 cups worth when cooked)

2nd layer: 1 or mashed Avocados

3rd layer: 2-3 limes worth of lime juice

4th layer: 1 pint of sour cream (or thick yoghurt) mixed with taco seasoning (or just cumin)

5th layer:  1+ cup Cheese, shredded.

6th layer: ~ 4+ medium sized Fresh chunked tomatoes

7th layer:  diced onions

(she gave me this recipe because there was a football game on the TV. Which was deeply positive solidarity endorsing, even though we were all going to miss our flights-- I however, was just trying to get recipes)

While I'm working on my cookbook project I also have been composing some new works for a few amazingly talented pals of mine. It's easy to brag on friends isn't it?

On February 6th the illustrious choreography duo The Median Movement are performing at St. Mark's Church in NYC: You being Me being You and the Eye.

 I'm doing a sound score for this new piece, which is a REALLY great piece of dance. They totally rule. 

I'm also working on a soundtrack for my friend Amina's new jewelry line, it's distinct, elegant work based out of Stockholm, Sweden: 

The Thing Around Your Neck 

I also made a mix of what I'm listening two while writing-- enjoy!


Really quickly before signing off-- Mega thanks to Marlee and Sarah and Sara and Eliza and John (who sadly is not here) AND everyone I've met so far in Grand Rapids! It's been a dream.

Also, here's my website in case you are interested to look at what else I am doing:

ALSO! join us for class on saturday : dancing, music, tarot cards!