Moon Beaming Workshop : a review

The moon went full last Saturday night. Did you feel some big feels? I definitely did.

I'm fascinated by the moon. Maybe because it’s the only satellite planet to Earth. We're entwined with its orbit. It pulls our tides. And its got this feminine "mystical beyond."

Looking up at that glowing orb after the sun sets, in the fullness of its reflected light, I can't say I'm in darkness or light... it's really both: I feel the illumination it brings and the dark shadows it casts. And even so, all those hard lines we create seem to soften into mystery when I look up at the moon.

On Sunday (the FULL WOLF moon, this time in LEO) our artist-in-residence Sarah Faith Gottesdeiner led us in the Moon Beaming workshop --  and it couldn’t have been a more apt time to discuss the palpable, powerful energies of the moon!

Not surprisingly, there was a common thread around the table: an interest in exploring the physical / emotional / mystical connections to the moon, and a desire to increase intuition through studying its cycles.

At the start of the workshop, Sarah covered some basic facts about the moon as well as various cultural beliefs and traditions. (Most of these discussion points are covered in her labor of love, the TWELVE MOONS workbook!)

Lots of cultural and spiritual traditions have observed the moon, and the moon has had a distinct connection to humanity in feminine terms throughout history. As a diety, the moon has taken many forms as goddesses, and not to mention its cycle is linked to menstrual cylces (both around 28 days). Lunar and menstrual cycles have been relied upon for marking time as well. (month=moon=menses)

Astrologically, the moon resonates with the deeply emotional parts of ourselves, and it rules the house in our chart that relates to our private, inner, intuitive, unconscious, “shadow” selves… some even would use words like “dark,” to discuss these hidden parts and “feminine” to describe these emotional sides in ourselves.

Although we have seen these cycles linked and celebrated, we have also seen them condemned, where luna (Latin for moon) has become attached to negative terms like “lunacy” and “lunatic” : “As patriarchal institutions took hold, the power affixed to the life giving attributes of the female and her monthly cycle disintegrated…and their wisdom decreed “lunacy.” [taken from the workbook]

But to any of us who identify as women or who love and respect women: we HONOR the cycles and their wisdom, DUH.

So naturally, Sarah introduced us to the moon as a triple goddess. According to Wiccan tradition, it has three archetypes corresponding to its phases:




This triple archetype helps us to see the changing nature of a cycle, with the progression of growth and wisdom. IT ALSO KEEPS REMINDING US HOW BADASS CRONES ARE!

Then we went over some basic marked phases of the lunar cycle:

 a view of my sketchbook, inspired by the workshop

a view of my sketchbook, inspired by the workshop

We discussed rituals and incantations that can be done during these phases, and ended the workshop with a guided candlelit meditation. (The workbook includes more explanations and helpful suggestions, with journalling prompts for each New, First Quarter, Full, and Last Quarter Moon.) 

Looking to the moon and understanding its phases and rhythms is a way of grounding ourselves, essentially. By working with the energies of the moon, we can “harness” its forces, as Sarah says, in calling attention to our hopes and dreams. Not exclusive from our physical cycles (or the self-care related to that) we can begin to understand what each phase is a helpful time for manifesting.

This workshop shed some light (pun intended?) on the moon as a powerful guide, and a force that we can tap into for listening to ourselves, deepening our intuition, and loving ourselves more fully.

By the end of the workshop, we had better understanding not only of the moon’s power, but also our own!!


Sarah will be available for tarot readings TODAY at the shop! [Sarah's moon magic and intuitive advice can be found at]