the magic of turning a sweater into yarn + plus a digital download on HOW TO!

I have found my next fiber obsession, turning old sweaters into yarn! So grateful for resident artist Amber Martin and her AWESOME class! 

Basically, if you've been itching to cast a spell or learn magic, just start here. The moon is new, the time is right, and your budget is tight.  You want some beautiful beige fingering weight yarn but let's face it, to get high quality beautiful fibers it can cost more - especially if you are a non monogomous knitter and can't seem to stop picking up new projects.

THE ANSWER IS HERE. Another beautiful fiber related skill to get totally addicted to.  I am also always trying to find ways to spread our workshops to more people, so we are offering Amber's extensive and gorgeous class notes as a lil e-pamphlet for only five bucks. From start to finish it will bring you through EVERYTHING you need to know about this process. Tips and tricks and everything in between - full color pictures and notes! 

So what I will say is, find an old sweater, unravel that baby, wind it up in a ball, skein it on a knitty knotty (which is my new favorite thing to ever exist) and then soak it in hot water, let it dry, twist it up and VOILA YOU HAVE YARN FOR GODDESS SAKE .

About to make all the shawls and socks forever. Thank you again to Amber - check out her beautiful store Harmony Society (a stockist of How To Not Always Be Working!) and so many other beautiful goods & yarns.