book club : walking in this world (artist's way follow up!)

WHAT : Have Company is going to have a book club now

WHAT BOOK : Walking in This World : The Practical Art of Creativity by Julia Cameron + + further steps along The Artist's Way 

WHY : Because this book will break you right open and what better time to do it then...

WHEN : OSTARA/SPRING EQUINOX : this Sunday March 20 we will begin WEEK ONE + the book is broken up into TWELVE WEEKS so each sunday we will check in via the ....

FACEBOOK GROUP + this is the format we will use to check in with each other but please read my ....

NOTES ON SOCIAL MEDIA : don't have a facebook? no worries neither do i. WELL, i do. and you will see that when you click the above group. i have zero friends and only use this page to host my Faecbook pages for Have Company & Personal Practice, as well as have the ability to start this book club group. So if you want to join but don't have an account - simply make one for the purpose of joining our group. Also if you friend request me I will politely decline xo 

WHAT YOU'LL NEED : the book, a journal, a pen, your feet

LOCAL MEET UPS : in addition to meeting up on the facebook group every week, i'll host a real life meeting every 3 weeks at Have Company, I encourage you to start a real life group where you live! The dates of those are : SUN APRIL 10 + SUN MAY 1 + SUN MAY 22 + and a closing meeting one week after the completion on SUN JUNE 19 

SUPER EXCITED! hope you'll join us xoxoxo

a note on accessibility : there are a few folks in my life who use wheelchairs as their main mode of transportation or walking isn't an option for them. this book outlines a lot of other ways to "get in your walk" ie being outside for 20 minutes, some sort of subtle movement with your body. please do not feel excluded if walking is out of your range.