#havefancyhouse knit along : agnes sweater

I finished my first sweater while Jaime Jennings from Fancy Tiger Crafts was a resident artist, she was a huge help to me not only in terms of construction but in spiritual encouragement. Her addiction to making sweaters quickly flooded me and I was ready for the course ahead.

Lizzy House was also a resident and we decided it would be fun to host a knit along together! We picked Agnes by Melissa LaBarre which is a perfect choice for anyone's first sweater. We all used Puffin from Quince and Co (which Jaime and I both carry in our shops) 

I used the color Audouin and made 2 mods : no pockets, and cropped length. Seems I am pretty into the whole 'making my sweaters shorter' thing. After I cast off it did feel a little shorter than I meant to make it, at least in the back it did. This sweater is the same back/front which makes it super easy to knit. Alas, once I started wearing it and dancing in it I felt pretty fresh.


I made a swatch and completely miscounted, wasn't being mindful, thought I needed to go down a needle size when really I needed to go up, and boom I started making a damn infant sweater. It was sooooo off I could hardly believe my eyes. So, I undid it. And then didn't start over again for more than two weeks. It can be TOUGH to start over when you feel like you messed up. And now, with a finished sweater in hands, the only regret I have is that I didn't start over sooner. 

When I finally started over I got gauge on size 11 with the Puffin and decided to make the size 44 for a wider sweater, measurements ended up being spot on.  I haven't blocked my sweater yet, so it might shift in nature a bit - I'll keep you all updated :) 

You can read all about Jaime's finished sweater here & also this beautiful one from Andrea Mowry

Also congrats to Katelyn McCarty who won 'best first sweater' award! She'll be getting a Marlee Sock pattern kit with Camellia Fiber Co sport weight yarn! 

Here is a video of me dancing in it as part of my daily dance practice, love seeing sweaters in motion

Next up for me : I think I might do a classic Jane Richmond pullover in Quince and Co. Owl - I do love my baggy sweaters, but I'm interested in something a little more form fitting.