new moon, new shifting

Dear friends, Marlee here chiming in to report some jumping into the unknown. A small report of shifting that will take place over the next few months. 

I'm burnt out. I'm hopeful. I'm exhausted. I'm not doing my best work because I've been making choices out of "need" What I think I "need" to do instead of jumping into the scary unknown abyss of being alive. 

I want to dance more, make more dances (see my new Personal Practice website) travel more, live out of a closet and go swimming every day. Seeing the residency model shift to where I just go and visit people and we have a residency in your living room. Maybe I sell everything and buy an RV and just take a year off. 

Using this new moon & solar eclipse to set these new intentions, speak them out loud, and tell the people who inspire me the most (that is you human, reading this) 

When I set out to be my own boss & run my own business what I was looking for was freedom and adventure. But after about a year and a half (july will be 3 years in our space at 136 division) I noticed myself feeling stuck by the confines of my space and the business model I had designed, ie that of a store with open hours and expectations that I was having trouble meeting. So we have shifted many times. I am grateful to now have a few employees, interns, and mentors who help me run the space. Still though there is a level of something that isn't sitting right in the way things are. 

So, when the discomfort of what is becomes too much and the fear within me to transition brims to my bones, that is generally a clear time that although uncomfortable - CHANGE is coming, or change is now, or the shift is bound to happen whether I want it to or not. 

We've been clearing out the basement of old vintage clothes, past goods, things that have collected dust but are cherished. We will be open this Saturday & Sunday from 12-6 in a Garage Sale fashion as we get rid of some things. 

 snapped by sara strickler

snapped by sara strickler

Following our garage sale this weekend we will have a liquidation sale. Stay tuned for details on the progression of this. 

After a WILD and overwhelming residency season (in the best most life altering ways + FIFTEEN resident artists between jan 4 and march 9) I will be headed to the Bay Area for my own work/retreat of sorts March 16-29 (wanna hang out? email me). To see past residents, sit by the water, see Justin Bieber in concert, go for hikes, and see what in the world really is next. I'll be teaching at Gravel & Gold, Field Day, & Homestead Apothecary. I'll also be in Santa Rosa for five days working on a zine with Rachel Blodgett. 

As of now we will still have an online store that is paired down to only our very favorite things, mostly zines and medicine we really believe in.  Our physical space as of now will continue to exist, staying with limited (if any) regular hours, and focusing on making our residency program more excellent, or not existing, or existing differently. 

Feeling grateful to say it's time to change, feeling grateful for the everlastin support of Sara, Eliza, Alex, Alyssa, Pam, Ariel, & Erika and so many others - who truly without them Have Company would simply be a ship that sunk long ago. 

more soon, xoxo - marlee 

all photos by Alexandra Difiglia