Guest Blog Post: Resident Artist Danielle Freiman

On setting intentions, checking in, and taking time

It’s been a big year. I’ve done some big life things and have felt both vulnerable and brave (and several feelings within that spectrum.) When the time came to visit Have Company for a residency, I felt tired. I decided to try not making plans beforehand, but rather try showing up and being here.


In my art practice, I often write manifestos as a form of setting intentions and providing a framework for larger projects or ideas, usually in list format. When I arrived at the shop, I wrote a manifesto for my time during the residency:


  1. Sleep as much as you want.

  2. Make arrangements in the space.

  3. Communicate about what you need.

  4. Take some time and space to reflect and heal.

  5. Talk to as many people as you can.

  6. Don’t be afraid of going outside and feeling lost.

  7. Process inward and outward.

  8. Find some treasures.

  9. Move slowly.


During my workshop this week on setting intentions and writing personal manifestos, we shared thoughts on giving ourselves permission to take time and space, how to break down larger goals into smaller ones, and using manifestos as a way of checking in. I like this idea of checking in because it allows a manifesto to take note of what's already present and observe what can (and will) change. 

Being here gave me a break that I don't usually have (or feel like I have time for) and the opportunity to look at patterns and move around without expectations. I’m ready to return home, but with the precaution and priority of taking time.