herbal first aid zine : a review!

our awesome intern sarah wants to tell you about one of our favorite shop zines : HERBAL FIRST AID

hi friends!

are you sick and tired of storebought remedies for when you're feeling sick and tired?  want to get more in touch with our plant friends and learn about how they can help us feel better? want to smell awesome and repel mosquites at the same time?  look no further!

this is a short but very informative little zine that tells us all about what to include in a first aid kit, and how to prepare all sorts of herbal remedies for cuts and scrapes, aches and pains, burns, rashes, sunburns, and icky gut problems.  who knew that candied ginger, one of the yummiest foods known to humankind, can help with tummy aches?  I'm also looking forward to making the herbal eye pillow that will help me with headaches, stress, and insomnia--all hail the power of lavender!

Raleigh Briggs' herbal first aid zine is ten pages of recipes, advice, and how-tos, accompanied by fabulous illustrations by Giovanni Caputo, that will forever change how you care for your body.  and if you want to learn even more about herbalism and herbal healing, there's a list of resources for further research right on the first page! :)