interpreting cards : moon angel deck

This year I had the opportunity to connect with Rebekah Erev when I taught my How to Not Always Be Working Class at Homestead Apothecary ... our connection was immediate and life shifting and continues to transform me 

Before we met I had been using her Moon Angel Cards and was drawn to their abstract nature & link to the cycle of the moon.  I often find that a deck of cards : whether it be a tarot deck, oracle cards, angel deck, etc - calls to me in different times in my life.  So although I may own a few or have many laying around at any given time, there often seems a time that a deck calls to me and I want to spend time with it.

I have no formal training in 'how to read cards' and after taking Sara Strickler's 'Intuitive Tarot 101' class while she was a Have Company resident I learned I didn't need to - I just had to begin anywhere! I usually draw a card and then interpret it myself : What is my gut feeling? What do I see? What does this remind me of?

Rebekah and I spoke on the phone the other day while I was traveling back to Michigan from California, dreaming of ways to work together both near and far. She reminded me of this beautiful tool she created, which I hadn't picked up in months.  Through so much transition this year maybe I knew they'd bring some truth up I wasn't ready for, but I returned home and saw them on my shelf and knew it was a good time. 

I posed a question : What is next for me in this transitional time and how shall I proceed? I drew the 10 and the 18 card 

With the 10 I read : the whole world is in front of you and it is safe for you to leave and 18 as it might be a clunky rebirth but it will be bright

The deck comes with a beautiful little booklet and the booklet reads

 10) Imagination : The epitome of an Aquarian. Total Freedom, non-linear, untethered by the confines of the mind. Using the mind to spawn underground crystal caves, a place to swim under the surface of the earth that's cold as ice. 

18) Cycles : Day/Night + Death/Rebirth + Fall/Spring/Summer/Winter

Simple enough, pick a deck, pick a card, say what you see, consult deck booklet or book or website to dive deeper if you wish. 

If you are in the east coast : check out Rebekah's classes this weekend! Friday at Catland Books in NYC & Saturday at my fave Philly spot Moon and Arrow