shifting west

a new chapter, and some words on it


I'm moving my body & my cat & my subaru filled with what I can fit to Oakland, CA mid October. Below are some ways Have Company will shift over the next few weeks.

+ Have Company as a physical space in Grand Rapids, MI will no longer exist - it will also not exist as a physical space in California (for now) It is my hope to somehow continue the residency program, but as of now there are no concrete plans for what that will look like. 

+ Have Company will continue as an umbrella for my many projects : the podcast, the blog, sharing words, dances, information, and an online shop with zines & medicine my friends make! 

+ We are hosting two more resident artists before we close on October 11 - Shara Crosby from September 21-Oct 3 (an incredible hand poked tattoo artist) and Claire & Asthon of Wax and Wane Fiber for a tiny stay October 15 & 16 

+ Have Company as a physical space will be open all hours of ArtPrize September 21 - October 9 : we will carry our normal selection of zines, tinctures, & yarn - as well as featuring the work of Eliza Fernand & Marianne Granger - Hours will be Mon-Thu 5-8pm + Fri & Sat 12-8 + Sun 12-6 - it would be so great for folks to stop by during this time! 

So if you're headed to the beach stop by on the way, make an appointment to pop in if it's not within the above listed hours (email 

The best way to support this move is to send love, light a candle. continue to support by listening to the podcast or shopping online, and in a few weeks keep an eye out for my Kickstarter for my Personal Practice book (!!!) 

Endless love and gratitude for my life at 136 south division & my friend family in California who have helped make this transition easeful + looking forward to the mystery of what is next