new moon, new shifting

Dear friends, Marlee here chiming in to report some jumping into the unknown. A small report of shifting that will take place over the next few months. 

I'm burnt out. I'm hopeful. I'm exhausted. I'm not doing my best work because I've been making choices out of "need" What I think I "need" to do instead of jumping into the scary unknown abyss of being alive. 

I want to dance more, make more dances (see my new Personal Practice website) travel more, live out of a closet and go swimming every day. Seeing the residency model shift to where I just go and visit people and we have a residency in your living room. Maybe I sell everything and buy an RV and just take a year off. 

Using this new moon & solar eclipse to set these new intentions, speak them out loud, and tell the people who inspire me the most (that is you human, reading this) 

When I set out to be my own boss & run my own business what I was looking for was freedom and adventure. But after about a year and a half (july will be 3 years in our space at 136 division) I noticed myself feeling stuck by the confines of my space and the business model I had designed, ie that of a store with open hours and expectations that I was having trouble meeting. So we have shifted many times. I am grateful to now have a few employees, interns, and mentors who help me run the space. Still though there is a level of something that isn't sitting right in the way things are. 

So, when the discomfort of what is becomes too much and the fear within me to transition brims to my bones, that is generally a clear time that although uncomfortable - CHANGE is coming, or change is now, or the shift is bound to happen whether I want it to or not. 

We've been clearing out the basement of old vintage clothes, past goods, things that have collected dust but are cherished. We will be open this Saturday & Sunday from 12-6 in a Garage Sale fashion as we get rid of some things. 

 snapped by sara strickler

snapped by sara strickler

Following our garage sale this weekend we will have a liquidation sale. Stay tuned for details on the progression of this. 

After a WILD and overwhelming residency season (in the best most life altering ways + FIFTEEN resident artists between jan 4 and march 9) I will be headed to the Bay Area for my own work/retreat of sorts March 16-29 (wanna hang out? email me). To see past residents, sit by the water, see Justin Bieber in concert, go for hikes, and see what in the world really is next. I'll be teaching at Gravel & Gold, Field Day, & Homestead Apothecary. I'll also be in Santa Rosa for five days working on a zine with Rachel Blodgett. 

As of now we will still have an online store that is paired down to only our very favorite things, mostly zines and medicine we really believe in.  Our physical space as of now will continue to exist, staying with limited (if any) regular hours, and focusing on making our residency program more excellent, or not existing, or existing differently. 

Feeling grateful to say it's time to change, feeling grateful for the everlastin support of Sara, Eliza, Alex, Alyssa, Pam, Ariel, & Erika and so many others - who truly without them Have Company would simply be a ship that sunk long ago. 

more soon, xoxo - marlee 

all photos by Alexandra Difiglia

#havefancyhouse knit along : agnes sweater

I finished my first sweater while Jaime Jennings from Fancy Tiger Crafts was a resident artist, she was a huge help to me not only in terms of construction but in spiritual encouragement. Her addiction to making sweaters quickly flooded me and I was ready for the course ahead.

Lizzy House was also a resident and we decided it would be fun to host a knit along together! We picked Agnes by Melissa LaBarre which is a perfect choice for anyone's first sweater. We all used Puffin from Quince and Co (which Jaime and I both carry in our shops) 

I used the color Audouin and made 2 mods : no pockets, and cropped length. Seems I am pretty into the whole 'making my sweaters shorter' thing. After I cast off it did feel a little shorter than I meant to make it, at least in the back it did. This sweater is the same back/front which makes it super easy to knit. Alas, once I started wearing it and dancing in it I felt pretty fresh.


I made a swatch and completely miscounted, wasn't being mindful, thought I needed to go down a needle size when really I needed to go up, and boom I started making a damn infant sweater. It was sooooo off I could hardly believe my eyes. So, I undid it. And then didn't start over again for more than two weeks. It can be TOUGH to start over when you feel like you messed up. And now, with a finished sweater in hands, the only regret I have is that I didn't start over sooner. 

When I finally started over I got gauge on size 11 with the Puffin and decided to make the size 44 for a wider sweater, measurements ended up being spot on.  I haven't blocked my sweater yet, so it might shift in nature a bit - I'll keep you all updated :) 

You can read all about Jaime's finished sweater here & also this beautiful one from Andrea Mowry

Also congrats to Katelyn McCarty who won 'best first sweater' award! She'll be getting a Marlee Sock pattern kit with Camellia Fiber Co sport weight yarn! 

Here is a video of me dancing in it as part of my daily dance practice, love seeing sweaters in motion

Next up for me : I think I might do a classic Jane Richmond pullover in Quince and Co. Owl - I do love my baggy sweaters, but I'm interested in something a little more form fitting. 

guest post: resident artist chelsea granger

When I say you I actually mean me.

Sometimes it can take a flight to Grand Rapids, Michigan to remind you-- yes you are still here, you are still a body you are still a heart. Sometimes you need to fly out from the tiniest sweetest airport in Vermont where everyone is so nice including the security woman, who has to pull you aside and pat you down because your glittery gold & navy striped shirt- is in fact- woven with metallic fiber and your entire upper body has appeared on their security monitor! 

And then when you use the bathroom for one last time before you board the plane that will take you to Michigan, you sit on the airport toilet and see the words ‘you are loved in sharpie under the toilet paper dispenser, and instead of feeling cynical you are relieved.  And then-- when you look up and see a heart scratched into the door in the same stall you know that things are as they should be or at least for this one moment. And you knew you needed this cosmic bathroom message because you are desperate to know you are still alive and you are still meant to be here-- because your mom died suddenly 10 weeks ago and your heart is broken and nothing makes sense.  

You got accepted to this artist residency at HAVE COMPANY through an email only 9 days after she died- you read that email sitting on the turquoise shag carpet of your childhood bedroom- you had never cried so much. And you couldn’t know then what you know now which is YES you are still meant to be here- on earth and of this world and yes you are loved.  You need this residency right now, not so much because you are in the middle of a dreamy art project but more as a reminder- you can keep choosing to be alive even though your mom died.  She would have been so proud to hear about this residency, she would have asked you a million questions and you probably would have gotten annoyed at her (what I would give now to be annoyed by her too many questions).  

And actually your grief is still surreal- you are so new to a world without her that you actually pick up the phone to call her and tell her about something and then with the phone in your hand you remember you can’t- because she is dead and you are alive.  You are of the world full of phones and glassware, glue and yarn- she is now of a realm you are working everyday to understand. You read its signs in birds and bathrooms and people with spunk and big hearts. 

And life is a shape shifter and grief is a shape shifter. And right now you need the holiness of the ordinary world to remind you to keep breathing. And that holiness can come in the form of a bathroom heart or meeting a new person who reminds you- yes oh yes I remember this, the beauty and loudness of days, that things are funny, the music mixes are good and there is pizza and cookies and you can write postcards from here.  There is just love and the day to day-ness.  It is important to carve out places to be, places to invite people into and places to share. Places with dish soap and desks. 

I am so glad to be at Have Company for 10 days, I am working on writing a zine about death and grief but mostly I am just here in the days with sweetness.  I am saying yes to drives up north to hear bands I have never heard of, I am spending time in peoples homes and eating soup they made and jambalaya, I am looking at zines and laughing with Marlee.  I am drinking coffee and taking showers and for now in this time of deep grief it is enough and it is way more then enough- it is really beautiful.  Thank you Marlee and all the folks I have met, thank you Grand Rapids. 

With love, Chelsea

A Second Guest Post by Resident Will Owen!

blog post II



I made this mix for you to listen to while reading this, or not reading this because it's really self involved or kind of reading this and realizing that the music is way better than what I'm talking about or maybe don't listen to the mix. Whatever's clever.

Smoke Curls, A mix for the Have Company Store by Will Owen

It is my last full day as the Have Company shop artist in residence and it has been an incredible week that has been super personally expansive. 


Last evening I had the honor of co-leading an evening of improv sound and dance with Marlee. Sarah who is also an artist in residence would begin each improvisation exercise by reading a tarot card and speaking about it's meaning. This would then influence the dancer's movements as well as my and my fellow musician's playing. It was thrilling on so many levels. 


Firstly, I rarely improvise with fellow musicians while working with dancers. I had the honor of collaborating with multi-instrumentalist Fiona Dickinson and Fiddle player Nate Bliton. They both had such a generous nature with their playing that it was almost effortless to collaborate and improv together. Very goosebumpy. So life giving. 

Secondly, I'm not a trained dancer or mover in any way and about a fourth of the group last evening was in the same camp. Personally, it's always a little uncomfortable for me to be in a position to have to extemporaneously move along with people who are well trained, practiced, and have a physical vocabulary to draw from. It was a blast to see people slowly begin to move more comfortably with themselves and with others throughout the night. There were so many folks who were fearless in their motions and that is always deeply inspiring. 


It was a blast, it was an honor, it was hysterical.  




I've been doing 2 things all week:


Procrastinate and Work.


I have this issue, maybe you do too, where I know I need to do something or make a decision or plan something BUT I just can't force myself to do it. It's a bummer and I truly wish I was more decisive at times. BUT I also know that I come up with a lot of my ideas and make a lot of decisions when I'm doing something mindless (taking a shower, cooking, walking for transportation, swimming laps). So in the last 3 years I've off and on been doing this practice where I do simple, almost meditative paintings with ink and coffee grinds and glue. I like to think of it as "Productive Procrastination."


After I arrived I had a lot of energy to make something, but just couldn't make myself work on cookbook project I mention in the last blog post. 


So I made ink drawings like this one Marlee is holding.


Then while they were drying I starting sitting down and actually writing and working. I do the same thing when I cook. For example, today I made split pea soup. Sure soup is great and filling and whatever, but it also helped me send a ton of emails I've been putting off, because I knew I had to add a few things, then let it simmer, then add a few more things, etc. 


Productive procrastination. It works for me. 


Here's another recipe that is a part of the cookbook project, in fact it was the first recipe I ever got from a person who was working as a blueberry harvester in Maine in the same town I was, now we have kept in touch and are family:



20 minute southern drop biscuits from Oliver Flowers:



+ 2 1/4 Cups Flour

+ 2 1/2 tsp Baking Powder

+ 2 tsp turmeric

+ 1/2 tsp Baking Soda

+ 1 tsp Salt

+ 3/4 - 1 Stick of Butter (you're worth it)

+ 1 Cup Buttermilk


(1) Mix all dry ingredients & turn on oven to 415 degrees Fahrenheit 

(2) Cut in butter with knives or massage in with clean hands until consistency is that of crumbs keeping some pieces about the size of peas (for flakiness).

(3) Mix in Buttermilk until just mixed

(4) Lovingly spoon onto greased baking tray with a diameter of about 2.5-3 inches, keeping about 3 inches between each one. 


(5) Bake at 415 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 minutes or until golden 

(6) Eat with savory or sweet stuff and extra butter if you're into that (again you're worth it). 




Since I've been at the shop here at Have Company, I've realized that the shop is not just a place for people to buy well made and well curated things-- it's a place where families hang out and people talk about their lives together. It's a place were people bring new baked treats or generous portions of salad to share. It's a focal point in the community of Grand Rapids for a lot of people. It's where A LOT of coffee is consumed. And it is a safe place for so many folks in the community who need some time with themselves and with others. 


This place that Marlee and so many people along side her have cultivated is a beacon for countless amazing people and remarkable events and beautiful things. I feel like a damn lucky fool to have been able to share in the fantastic community that is here and flourishing.




And everyone who has been so kind and hilarious and great! 




Guest Post: Resident Artist Sarah Gottesdiener

Life as Improv: a week in Grand Rapids.


As I sit here at the Grand Rapids airport, literally the most enjoyable airport I have ever experienced in America (JFK Jet Blue terminal you are a close second for your Muji store and plentiful food choices, also of course need to give a shout out to Portland OR, my home away from home with your carpet and live musicians and your chatty TSA agents), I am reflecting on my time in Michigan. Much of it is too personal to share on another person's blog, but a striking comparison of two disparate practices I had today I can share in the hopes that some of you will connect dots between experiences in your own lives. 

Humans are born to make connections between things. Scientists argue it is a natural aspect of survival; witches and occultists (and Jungian analysts would say it is synchronicity—a gift from the cosmos and/or your subconscious, which some would argue is one and the same…a blog entry for another day indeed!). I can't help but make some connections between a powerful improv dance class I took part in at Have Company and my usual practice as a tarot reader. 


Marlee and Will led participants in an improvisational dance class a few nights ago that was a special space. The participants were vulnerable, willing creatures who were interested in engaging in active listening and experimentation. When I am in a space like this I reminded about how important being in real life is (aka not being on the internet/phone/texting), as well as the life-changing moments that fall through the cracks of capitalism. What we all experienced we were experiencing together, it existed only because of each other,  the moment could not be adequately documented, bought or sold, and what we were partaking in could exist far after the time we all shared together expired. Catalogued in further movements, choices and actions, perhaps imperceptibly but nonetheless still alive. 


Most of the people in the class were experienced, talented, trained dancers. These artists had danced on stages for years, gotten degrees, studied with the greats. Some like myself had no clue of the traditional dance world. Honestly, for much of the class I had no idea what was really going on. This led to a heightened process. Here I was able to see the risks and beauty of letting go and succumbing to the moment.


I was also reminded of my own practice as a Tarot reader. I have been reading books about, taking workshops and actively giving readings for about 8 years. Hours have been spent poring over meanings, staring at images, journaling, and reflecting on these sacred symbols of the journey of our human experience. I have done my time with my 10,000 hours. I will willingly go 100,000 more for all the gifts and fulfillment that the Tarot, and as an extension my spiritual practice has given me. Before a reading I ground, meditate, and connect to my guides. To be in tip top shape for this aspect of my life every day I meditate, ground, take tinctures, exercise, watch what I eat/drink, am in tune with my feelings and my energy. I am ready and open for any and all information to flow through me. 


However, when it comes time to give a reading there always needs to be an aspect of surrender. Much of the time I am sharing energy with a beautiful stranger, who I am about to give highly personal and customized information to. I take this task very, very seriously and honor the levels of asking and vulnerability involved with partaking in an exchange such as this. When I draw the cards and start that first step of interpreting, on some level I need to disregard the layers of information I have memorized and my years of studies and just trust what comes through. Sometimes my guide is READY to tell the participant information even before I have started shuffling. I always need to listen no matter how bizarre the sentences feel falling out of my mouth. In my experience, everything I tell people makes sense to them in some fashion. 


At the dance workshop on Saturday at Have Company some of the dancers had never met one another. Will Owens, the composer who was making music for the evening's exercises, had never laid eyes on Fiona and Nate, the musicians who were accompanying him. People were trusting one another in all kinds of sensory related ways: the dancers trusted one another's touch and the musicians' notes, the musicians trusted one another, and all of us trusted everyone involved to be present, conscious, and aware. This dancing, this ritual, was not a spectator event. We were reminded at the beginning of the class by our facilitator Marlee that people outside of the circle were as much a part of holding space as the dancers inside. That is a very Wiccan belief as well, when we come together in ritual. People were READY for whatever was going to come through, no matter how absurd it looked or felt. We were all Fools. 


Most of the dancers had practiced their craft for ages yet in the moment surrendered to one another. There were no mirrors, clocks, videos or smart phones. People locked into themselves and one another, trusting their innate intuition. We improvised and there was no failure, only feelings, movement, and listening. 


I encourage everyone to find a class, event, moment that they are truly improvising into with no expectation, only energy and trust. See what comes out on the other side and what you've learned. It will definitely spill over into other aspects of your life for the best. What do you want to try that feels uncomfortable to you? How would moving through that discomfort be helpful to you?

Thank you to Marlee, Will, Sarah, Ariel, Figgy, Elyse, Ericka, Amber, Laura Jane, Eliza, Pam, China, Fiona, Nate, and the other dancers I met in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan, in January of 2016. 



the magic of turning a sweater into yarn + plus a digital download on HOW TO!

I have found my next fiber obsession, turning old sweaters into yarn! So grateful for resident artist Amber Martin and her AWESOME class! 

Basically, if you've been itching to cast a spell or learn magic, just start here. The moon is new, the time is right, and your budget is tight.  You want some beautiful beige fingering weight yarn but let's face it, to get high quality beautiful fibers it can cost more - especially if you are a non monogomous knitter and can't seem to stop picking up new projects.

THE ANSWER IS HERE. Another beautiful fiber related skill to get totally addicted to.  I am also always trying to find ways to spread our workshops to more people, so we are offering Amber's extensive and gorgeous class notes as a lil e-pamphlet for only five bucks. From start to finish it will bring you through EVERYTHING you need to know about this process. Tips and tricks and everything in between - full color pictures and notes! 

So what I will say is, find an old sweater, unravel that baby, wind it up in a ball, skein it on a knitty knotty (which is my new favorite thing to ever exist) and then soak it in hot water, let it dry, twist it up and VOILA YOU HAVE YARN FOR GODDESS SAKE .

About to make all the shawls and socks forever. Thank you again to Amber - check out her beautiful store Harmony Society (a stockist of How To Not Always Be Working!) and so many other beautiful goods & yarns.



Moon Beaming Workshop : a review

The moon went full last Saturday night. Did you feel some big feels? I definitely did.

I'm fascinated by the moon. Maybe because it’s the only satellite planet to Earth. We're entwined with its orbit. It pulls our tides. And its got this feminine "mystical beyond."

Looking up at that glowing orb after the sun sets, in the fullness of its reflected light, I can't say I'm in darkness or light... it's really both: I feel the illumination it brings and the dark shadows it casts. And even so, all those hard lines we create seem to soften into mystery when I look up at the moon.

On Sunday (the FULL WOLF moon, this time in LEO) our artist-in-residence Sarah Faith Gottesdeiner led us in the Moon Beaming workshop --  and it couldn’t have been a more apt time to discuss the palpable, powerful energies of the moon!

Not surprisingly, there was a common thread around the table: an interest in exploring the physical / emotional / mystical connections to the moon, and a desire to increase intuition through studying its cycles.

At the start of the workshop, Sarah covered some basic facts about the moon as well as various cultural beliefs and traditions. (Most of these discussion points are covered in her labor of love, the TWELVE MOONS workbook!)

Lots of cultural and spiritual traditions have observed the moon, and the moon has had a distinct connection to humanity in feminine terms throughout history. As a diety, the moon has taken many forms as goddesses, and not to mention its cycle is linked to menstrual cylces (both around 28 days). Lunar and menstrual cycles have been relied upon for marking time as well. (month=moon=menses)

Astrologically, the moon resonates with the deeply emotional parts of ourselves, and it rules the house in our chart that relates to our private, inner, intuitive, unconscious, “shadow” selves… some even would use words like “dark,” to discuss these hidden parts and “feminine” to describe these emotional sides in ourselves.

Although we have seen these cycles linked and celebrated, we have also seen them condemned, where luna (Latin for moon) has become attached to negative terms like “lunacy” and “lunatic” : “As patriarchal institutions took hold, the power affixed to the life giving attributes of the female and her monthly cycle disintegrated…and their wisdom decreed “lunacy.” [taken from the workbook]

But to any of us who identify as women or who love and respect women: we HONOR the cycles and their wisdom, DUH.

So naturally, Sarah introduced us to the moon as a triple goddess. According to Wiccan tradition, it has three archetypes corresponding to its phases:




This triple archetype helps us to see the changing nature of a cycle, with the progression of growth and wisdom. IT ALSO KEEPS REMINDING US HOW BADASS CRONES ARE!

Then we went over some basic marked phases of the lunar cycle:

 a view of my sketchbook, inspired by the workshop

a view of my sketchbook, inspired by the workshop

We discussed rituals and incantations that can be done during these phases, and ended the workshop with a guided candlelit meditation. (The workbook includes more explanations and helpful suggestions, with journalling prompts for each New, First Quarter, Full, and Last Quarter Moon.) 

Looking to the moon and understanding its phases and rhythms is a way of grounding ourselves, essentially. By working with the energies of the moon, we can “harness” its forces, as Sarah says, in calling attention to our hopes and dreams. Not exclusive from our physical cycles (or the self-care related to that) we can begin to understand what each phase is a helpful time for manifesting.

This workshop shed some light (pun intended?) on the moon as a powerful guide, and a force that we can tap into for listening to ourselves, deepening our intuition, and loving ourselves more fully.

By the end of the workshop, we had better understanding not only of the moon’s power, but also our own!!


Sarah will be available for tarot readings TODAY at the shop! [Sarah's moon magic and intuitive advice can be found at]


agnes sweater knit along!

So incredibly excited to host this knit along alongside Fancy Tiger Crafts & Lizzy House! Here are the simple to follow details of joining in! 

THE PATTERN : The Agnes Sweater by Melissa LaBarre 

THE YARN : We'll be using Quince & Co. Puffin (available at Have Company and Fancy Tiger Crafts or at your LYS) This sweater is knit from the top down and has cute lil pockets! A GREAT OPTION for your first sweater! Both shops will be offering 15% your yarn! 

CASTING ON : We'll be casting on this upcoming Monday February 1st, but you can join in whenever! Join the crew at our open knit night on Tuesday February 2 (every tue in february too!) from 6-9 and we can help you cast on! 

CASTING OFF : Happy leap year! You have until February 29! 

HASHTAGS & PRIZES : we'll be using the hashtag #havefancyhouse and if it is your first sweater use the tag #firstsweater + + I'll be picking best first sweater picture and giving away a Marlee sock pattern with Camellia Fiber Co. yarn + Lizzy will be giving away a Soak Bundle (smells like magic) for best in progress photo, & Fancy Tiger will be giving away a $25 gift certficate 

Also - read Jaime's awesome recap of her Have Company Residency on the Fancy Tiger Crafts Blog! 

Have Company is open this Saturday & Sunday 12-6, stop in and pick out your yarn or make an appointment by emailing + Don't see the color in the shop you like? No worries we are happy to order it for you! And don't forget about open knit night every Tuesday 6-9 xoxoxo

guest post : will starts his residency!

Hi, my name is will owen and I'm an interdisciplinary artist, composer, and curator based in New York and Philadelphia. That sentence basically just means I'm easily distracted and indecisive in so many ways, but I still get work done. 

My residency at Have Company started in Newark, New Jersey when I got a bit stuck in the airport due to the wild blizzard in the Northeast where I live normally. 

It became quickly apparent that I'd not be on time to Grand Rapids in order to begin my residency. 

Instead of sitting around and people watching (which ABSOLUTELY has it's value) I decided to begin working on what I would be doing at Have Company. 

I have been slowly compiling recipes for the last 7 years that people have memorized. It all began as an ice breaker question that I'd ask while hitchhiking in my younger days. I'd simply ask if the driver had any recipes memorized. Immediately I became drawn into conversations about their culture, family, and traditions. 

It was an incredible way to have a deeper conversation than simple small talk. Now I have compiled about 400+ recipes and have been hitchhiking and traveling and collecting recipes in Canada, Mexico, Denmark, Iceland, Taiwan, Russia, Cambodia, and Sweden, and have met folks along the way who gave recipes from Burma, Bolivia, Italy, Texas, Peru, India, and a bunch of other places. 

 In order to spend my time in the airports wisely, I got a few more recipes for my project, which has the working title, Provisions of Cody.

Here is a recipe for 7 layer dip I got from Silvia headed to Salt Lake City from Newark:

Use a Casserole dish.

1st layer on the bottom: refried beans (from 2 cans or make 'em yr self ~2-3 cups worth when cooked)

2nd layer: 1 or mashed Avocados

3rd layer: 2-3 limes worth of lime juice

4th layer: 1 pint of sour cream (or thick yoghurt) mixed with taco seasoning (or just cumin)

5th layer:  1+ cup Cheese, shredded.

6th layer: ~ 4+ medium sized Fresh chunked tomatoes

7th layer:  diced onions

(she gave me this recipe because there was a football game on the TV. Which was deeply positive solidarity endorsing, even though we were all going to miss our flights-- I however, was just trying to get recipes)

While I'm working on my cookbook project I also have been composing some new works for a few amazingly talented pals of mine. It's easy to brag on friends isn't it?

On February 6th the illustrious choreography duo The Median Movement are performing at St. Mark's Church in NYC: You being Me being You and the Eye.

 I'm doing a sound score for this new piece, which is a REALLY great piece of dance. They totally rule. 

I'm also working on a soundtrack for my friend Amina's new jewelry line, it's distinct, elegant work based out of Stockholm, Sweden: 

The Thing Around Your Neck 

I also made a mix of what I'm listening two while writing-- enjoy!


Really quickly before signing off-- Mega thanks to Marlee and Sarah and Sara and Eliza and John (who sadly is not here) AND everyone I've met so far in Grand Rapids! It's been a dream.

Also, here's my website in case you are interested to look at what else I am doing:

ALSO! join us for class on saturday : dancing, music, tarot cards! 

the story of lila, the first sweater

This is the story of a girl's first sweater and the journey it took to get there. A few tiny lessons : finish what you start, don't be afraid to start over, messing up is ok (and mandatory), and blessed be the empowering feeling of finishing a damn sweater.

So in July we get in Quince and Co. It's beautiful. I immediately want to cast on a sweater but the idea of a swatch seems boring and labor intensive so I say meh and cast on a cardian in the suggested needle size and yarn weight. I get about 3/4 of the way done and it is WILD AND BAGGY, but not in the correct way. It was just simply too big, ill fitting, and not at all what I hoped for. 

I felt good though! I had gotten through those raglan increases, seen a true shape form, and definitely knew i COULD do this (if you are readin and wondering the answer is yes, you can too) So I took the whole damn thing out and immediately swatched for Lila on size 6 needles in the round and blocked it and was right on gauge! 

Then. The skeins sat. And sat. They stared at me. Maybe I resented them for not becomin what I had originally hoped. I went back to my shawl addiction. Learned to make socks, Made a bunch of socks. Made some more shawls. But what I really wanted was a WARDROBE. I wanted to be knittin clothin for my body. 

Working alongside of Erika has been incredible inspiring. She is truly dedicated to swatching, measuring her work as she goes, and completing the projects she starts. All things my scattered mind has a much harder time doing.

One day I just grabbed the yarn from the basket and cast on - and 10 days later TA DA! A sweater is born. 

I made the size 40.5 (I am about 37 in around the bust) and when I started knitting it seemed it was gonna be a lil smaller than what I had swatched for ... but figured in the blocking it would even out and it did! I wish I could remember how many skeins I pulled for it ... but I honestly can't. I DO however know that I was JUST shy of having enough yarn. Like ... 2 inches on the arm away from being finished. And of course had none left.

Alas! I went to the basement of the shop and found a tiny sample skein that Rebekka from Camellia Fiber Co. had sent me of her worsted weight yarn and the color and weight matched almost EXACTLY. Close a damn nuff. 

I cropped the length of the body, I like to wear high waisted pants or sweaters over dresses so that was more my vibe.  Didn't modify anything else.

I made this sweater alongside my instagram friend Ani Lee - we used a lil hashtag #crosspacificknitclub - it was a great way to stay accountable and see each other's progress.

Next up I'll be knitting Agnes alonside Jaime of Fancy TIger Crafts and Lizzy House - who are both the current residents at Have Company! Y'all should join in!