a special place : a verb for keeping warm

When I walked into A Verb For Keeping Warm in Oakland, CA I felt like I had walked in to my dream store, some type of hand worker's mecca.  Beautiful yarns at every turn, patterns, fabrics, a classroom, and that was all just what I could see when I entered. 

Kristine Vejar, the owner of AVFKW, met me at the shop to give me a full tour, and basically inspire the living daylights out of me.  The space also boasts a beautiful natural dye studio, an OUTDOOR dye studio & natural dye garden, a bunny that fertilizes the garden, and a full classroom space and then of course the beautiful shop. 

From the exquisite yarns that Kristine naturally dyes (also under then name AVFKW) to the farmers she works with, to the way that you can see how she cares for her space, it felt like coming home to a true center of resource sharing and learning : not just a "store".  As I continue to develop and relearn what Have Company is I am in awe and deeply moved by other spaces that are indeed retail, but also serve as so much more. 

I was totally in love with the fact that each AVFKW sewing pattern can be tried on in EVERY SIZE that it comes in.  And I was completely in awe of the Pioneer yarn that had been knit into Number 9 by Coco Knits and was indeed lovingly convinced to go home with some :) It was so incredible to be able to try on the actual sweater made with yarn for sale in the shop - so many subtle things like that made me excited to be in a space that really thinks about the person and how they will interact with the garment they are creating, so often for themselves. 

I was lucky enough to see a few pages from Kristine's upcoming natural dye book that is filled with information, how to's, and projects that are stunning and thoughtful and all around magnificent.  Will definitely be a must have in my own collection and at the shop when it comes out in October! 

My whole trip to California was such a gift, and I am still processing so much of it, but wanted to share a bit of this visit. Sorry I didn't snap more photos of the space, I was too busy gettin all teary eyed and feeling all my feelings.