zines for you! a five year gift

five years ago today i had a spiritual experience and made a decision to quit drinking 

today i'd like to offer my 3 zines : The Art of, Balancing Actions, & How to Not Always Be Working at NAME YOUR OWN PRICE by clicking the link below. here is the best part : i will use the money to print a large quantity of my zines so that it's easier to wholesale them to other shops (we currently still print, fold, and staple evey zine!)

so - give what you can! it will all go to supporting the printing of MORE of these zines! ie : if you have only $5 but want all 3 zines AWESOME, if you want to send $20 for only one zine GREAT - it will all go towards the printing of more! 

HERE IS HOW YOU DO IT : you will click the link below which will bring you to a paypal page. name your price! (add the correct shipping below) 

IMPORTANT : then, in the NOTES section you will write A) which zines you want and how many and B) your shipping address 

http://paypal.me/fiveyears (send as friends/family)

suggested retail prices for zines : the art of (5) balancing actions (3) how to not always be working (

if you live in the US : add $2 to your chosen price to ship 

if you live in CANADA : add $5 to your chosen price to ship 

if you live anywhere else : add $10 to your chosen price to ship 

that's it! we'll use the money raised to have local printer Screaming Gnat print fold and staple the and then ship them out in the next week! 

feeling grateful for a life free of alcohol and the gifts it's given me, like this special space & community! xoxo