EPISODE THIRTY-SEVEN: in conversation with Sarah Williams

Marlee interviews Sarah Williams, born and raised in LA, and the managing director + co-founder at Womens Center for Creative Work. She also works at For Your Art, another arts organization that provides a guide for art listings and sales and puts out a weekly newsletter. Sarah talks about grad school, feminist business school, work and money, the Feminist Library on Wheels, and why WCCW is needed. She and her community are looking at where the intersection of creative practice and feminism exist at the present moment, and how can they tap into that. She wants to support the arts with a community center vibe.


Words of wisdom:

“One of Our core values is that we hold We hold women in a place of privilege, unapologetically, and without having to explain it”


Projects at Have Company:

Sarah found herself making stuff this past week- she crocheted a found-fabric rug that Yoko the cat is in love with. She took the chance to see how people in Grand Rapids live, and experience the wonder of a snow day. She also spent time with the other resident, Whit, who gave her her first arm tatt and an amazing tarot reading. Sarah is working on making more Sarah-specific plans, to avoid the burn-out.


Things to be excited about:

Books and book groups! Sarah is in two book groups, and is reading Fear of Flying and My Struggle. She recommends Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation by Silvia Federici, from which she learned that ‘witchy things’ are women organizing and sharing knowledge.

Podcasts! Sarah listens to Call Your Girlfriend + Another Round 

Growth! Sarah is excited to see the next phase of WCCW come to fruition…