mini episode : the history & end of have company with marlee grace

welcome to a tiny episode where it's just me + a lil fifteen minute life update where i share the ending of this project, Have Company, that I started in 2012 

 photo by mae stier

photo by mae stier

Letting go of this project feels a bit surreal. It has been my entire life for the past five years, and I have been able to start and maintain other projects WITHIN the scope of Have Company.

But for me the name of this project became solidified in it's physical space in Grand Rapids, and it's been harder than I thought it would be to continue it as only a podcast.  The podcast was really FOR the resident artists in that space and sharing their work within Grand Rapids.

I also have had such a hard time separating MARLEE from HAVE COMPANY and it felt like a clear transition to end this project and let Marlee finish and start some of her own projects that are completely separate.

To list gratitude might take forever but thank you to Pam, who guides me spiritually & as a human and business owner. Thank you. To Dori Midnight who has supported me the past few months, Rachel Dawson Knapp & Asia Wong who move the fluid in my spine around and open up pathways to personal freedom. 

To Ariel & Nickey who without them Have Company would have floundered 1000 times. To Sara Bakker for endless patience and shipping. To Michael Rodriguez who built out the entire space, curated the gallery, and told me no when I asked too much. To Eliza, for being the first resident, for hosting ME in her space that BIRTHED this entire project, and for helping me with this podcast. 

Thank you to Mary Rothlisberger for helping me redesign and spruce up the residency and suggest I even have a podcast in the first place. 

To my parents and my partners and my brother and my chosen family : thank you for every favor and errand run and late night and telling me it would be ok.

To every resident artist : holy shit. No words, you changed me forever. 

To anyone who ever came in the space or bought something online : I am glad to have a part of my work in this world with you, and you are with me.

I'm sure I forgot specific people, it's been five years of feeling endless love and support and I am grateful and alive because of you. I love you.