Eliza Fernand : Quilt Stories Performance + September 26, 5 & 7p 


Performances at 5-5:30 & 7-7:30 //  Learn more about Quilt Stories with Eliza between performances

In 2011, Fernand drove across the country with her quilted tent, collecting stories and anecdotes about quilts in twenty-five cities and towns; from Washington, to Massachusetts, to Texas, and back. After recording over 100 MP3's of personal stories, she deconstructed the audio and pieced the collected words into song lyrics. The result is an evolving performance with sculpture, video, and song. 

Researching quiltmaking from a contemporary art perspective, Quilt Stories is an interactive performance and temporary installation that has traveled the US. Viewers are invited to visit Fernand inside of a tent quilted of reclaimed fabrics and share their stories and anecdotes about quilts. A collaborative quilt, pieced in a white circle, creates a space for people to gather and contribute their own stitches in this ritual of skill.  Fernand visited community gathering places, quilt museums, sewing groups, contemporary art spaces, scenic American landscapes, and other adventurous destinations. As she and her project are introduced into new communities, the aspects of the project materialize differently at each destination.