artisan fest

Have-Company is a general store that is selling and showcasing the artistic talents of local artisans here in Henderson, Nevada. With that being said, although we highly prioritize local artisans here, those who are not originally from Henderson can join too. Check out how by sending us an email at the contact details provided at the Contact Us page of this website.

Have-Company started back in 1992. Back then, it was just a small store that caters to one family. That grew over the years as more and more families want to make their signature – their works, well-known. That is the reason why instead of just one, we have now grown into many booths in one store.

Masks, Authentic handcraft souvenirs

When you come by to our place of business, you can find that all the booths here are properly arranged. They are arranged specifically to cater to the customers who come here on a regular basis. We want to let them see how we organized our products so that they can have a better experience as they look for specific items they can bring with them home. Our store is a popular to-go-to place by people who are looking for unique decorations for their home. But our services do not stop there because you can also find here on our website many gift items that the recipient of your gifts will enjoy.

Here at Have-Company, you also have a chance to be your own artist. You can sell here your own products if you are looking to make a career out of it. You even have the choice to pick what handicraft materials you are going to engage into. We offer here training programs regularly to teach people the techniques in how to be artists themselves. Come join the fun only here at Have-Company.