handcrafted wooden animals


It was my first time to actually come to this place last weekend. I’ve been hearing this from my friends and ever from some of my family members. But I was too busy to come before t see what they are talking about so when I happened to pass by last weekend, I was caught instantly off-guard. This place is amazing. It is like Christmas and Birthday rolled into one celebration. There is music flowing everywhere which is tasteful and just right. The booth they have here are clean and very interesting. If you are not busy, I am encouraging you to come to this place. I promise you will not regret it.


My friend was one of the artists in this place. If you came here already, he was the one sitting at the booth located far left from the entrance. He creates a mean painting. He was the one who encouraged me to show my talent here as well. I’ve been meaning to join for many months now. Unfortunately, there are no slots anymore left for me whenever I try to sign up. This is actually the first time I managed to get a slot and I cannot be happier. I sold a lot in just two days! I’m so looking forward to the rest of the week.


This place is so amazing. You can find almost everything here minus commercial made products. I’ve been buying from this store for years already and so far, I have not been disappointed yet. They offer so many amazing things that you will not be able to resist. Make sure to visit this place on your own for you to know what I am talking about. Do not miss the chance to meet the artisans yourself too. Promise, they are so amazing.